Seven HVAC Tips For A Strong End To Winter

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The winter season is over. This transition to warm weather means that your heating system will soon be taking a break for a few months. The milder weather around you also brings the opportunity to do a few maintenance tasks on your heating and cooling system without feeling too much discomfort. As a homeowner, you would want to have consistent home comfort throughout any season. To make sure that you end the winter season on a strong note, we have listed seven HVAC tips end of winter activities for you:

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Thing About Getting An HVAC Unit Upgrade

If you have a faulty HVAC system, consider getting an upgrade as soon as possible. Waiting to purchase a new one can subject your family to months of discomfort as a malfunctioning HVAC system cannot provide you with adequate conditioned air to keep your home comfortable. A faulty unit also consumes more energy. Therefore, there will be a significant increase in your utility bills as well. Replacing a problematic HVAC unit will eliminate all these problems. With a better system in place, you can be assured that you will have a comfortable environment for the following cold season. Also, you will have plenty of time to choose a unit that works best for you instead of making a rushed decision, common with no-heat HVAC emergencies that occur in the winter.

Consider A Thermostat Upgrade

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Replace the thermostat if you have an old, outdated model. This change might seem insignificant, but a thermostat upgrade can elevate your comfort levels as well. Advances in HVAC technology means there are also better thermostats on the market. These thermostats have features that will allow you to maximize the convenience and efficiency of your system. One example is the smart thermostat that will enable you to control the system via an app on your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can manage your HVAC unit from virtually anywhere.

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Clean Or Replace The HVAC Air Filter

A couple of issues your system is experiencing might be because it has a dirty air filter. The air filter traps and prevents dust, lint, and other pollutants from being circulated in your home. It can get clogged as time passes, making it harder for air to pass through. As a result, the unit will be strained just to keep working as it should. The system consumes more energy this way, and you will notice a sudden increase in your utility bill. Make sure that you inspect the furnace or AC air filter regularly to ensure that it can do its job. Clean or replace it when necessary to keep your system running efficiently.


Check Your Ducts

The ductwork is also notorious for accumulating dust and other contaminants. Just like in the air filter, debris can cause a blockage in the duct when it is not cleaned regularly. This will cause your system to work harder than it should. The unit will lose efficiency and increase your energy consumption when this happens. A clog in the ducts can also affect your indoor air quality. In turn, your health is affected, especially those who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma. Make sure to get your ducts cleaned by a professional to avoid all these issues. It is best to leave this task to professionals as they have all the necessary tools to ensure that this task is done correctly.

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Lessen Energy Loss By Sealing Gaps And Holes

Gaps and holes around your house lead to an uncomfortable home environment. This is because the conditioned air leaks out of these gaps. As a result, the system will have a hard time achieving the desired temperature, and you will feel cold and hot spots around your home. It is, therefore, recommended that you look for these gaps and seal them. Carefully inspect your home to make sure you don’t miss any areas. You can also hang thermal curtains if you have drafty windows. Call an HVAC expert to help you look for air drafts and any weaknesses along the walls.


Clean The Outdoor Condenser

Since the condenser is located outside, it is exposed to precipitation and debris. There is a good chance that stale water, salt residue, and gunk have collected inside of it throughout the cold season. These can affect the condenser’s performance, where it won’t be able to function as it should. Regularly clean the outdoor condenser so it’ll work more efficiently.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

Schedule professional HVAC tune-ups with your trusted heating and cooling technician in the late winter and early spring. Waiting after the winter has ended before you book HVAC maintenance can mean that you won’t get the date you want. Booking a slot early will ensure that you secure an early spring appointment, and any problems that your system might have can be identified and fixed quickly. This way, all maintenance work is finished right away, and you can enjoy spring without worrying about your home comfort during the peak of the season.

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A system that receives proper care will enjoy a longer lifespan and high energy-efficiency. In turn, your home will receive optimum home comfort as well as lower energy bills. With these HVAC tips, you can help keep your heating and cooling system in excellent working condition. Talk to a reliable HVAC service company today to book your next professional system tune-up.

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