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home heating systemsMiller Oil Company installs and services boilers, burners, furnaces, hot water heaters, radiant heating systems and oil tanks. We can also design and install a complete system for a new or existing home.   Our service technicians are well trained, experienced, and fully licensed and can handle oil boiler repairs, oil burner repairs, gas heater repairs and more!

We install and service:

Heating Service Contracts

Protect your heating equipment with our Gold, Silver or Bronze heating system service contracts. Download the current contract details by completing the form below. We will email you the most up to date service contract details within a few minutes.

Enfield Heating Repair

If you find yourself in a cold home due to a broken boiler, furnace or other types of heating systems, give us a call. Our experienced HVAC repairmen will be able to fix your oil heating system, 24/7. We also work on gas and propane heating equipment. However, gas and propane repairs need to be scheduled.

Our technicians can repair most major brands of oil heaters on our emergency heat service calls. Our trucks are equipped with oil heating system replacement parts so that your heating system will be up and running in no time flat! In the event that we do not have the required heater replacement parts on our truck, we will be able to get them quickly. Read more.

Oil Boiler Repair, Heating Repair, HVAC Repair Services

Enfield Oil Boiler Repair

Local Oil Boiler Repair Services in Enfield CT

Residential heating systems don’t come any simpler than the good old oil boiler. Comprised of a fuel tank, burner and the boiler itself, the setup produces hot water or steam which then travels down a network of pipes to heat up the house. This results in a more reliable operation compared to other alternatives, which should come as good news if your household relies on an oil boiler.

Enfield Boiler Repair Service

It helps to remember that oil boilers are like any other piece of equipment. Reliability comes down to the quality of maintenance. They’re also apt to suffer the occasional breakdown as well. With that in mind, it’d help to take a look at the issues that commonly affect oil boilers:

Abnormally-High Fuel Oil Consumption Enfield CT

Picture what happens when you’re ailing or injured; it takes a bit more effort to do everything, right? That’s because your body has to work harder to compensate for the weakness, and therefore needs more energy. The same is what happens when a boiler breaks down — it needs more fuel to keep working normally.

Enfield Oil Boiler Won’t Stay On

Does your boiler keep switching on and off without producing the desired amount of heat? Or perhaps you’re wondering why it struggles to switch itself on in the first place? Whatever the case, it’s a clear indication that your equipment needs attention.

Fix Oil Heating System Making Strange Noises

You know you have a crisis brewing when your oil boiler starts making strange noises when in operation. Such could be in the form of squeaks, bangs, hisses or rattles, pretty much anything that deviates from the norm. It could be possible to diagnose the cause on your own. Still, you’re better off bringing in an expert for a more detailed checkup. It is time to contact Miller Oil Company to handle your Enfield HVAC system repair.

Excessive Smoke and/or Soot

Excessive smoke, heat or soot coming out of the combustion chamber could be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger or clogged flue pipe. Other causes include incorrect oil pressure and a blocked chimney.

No Heat From The Registers

Before drawing any conclusions, first check that your clothes dryer isn’t located too close to the boiler. Otherwise, it’s possible that your fan belt needs replacing, or that the air filters are clogged.

Other common issues include faulty thermostat operation, the presence of foul odors, and a broken pilot light.

Oil Burner Repair Service Near Me

What Should You Do?

In a nutshell, you know you’re in need of a repair service if you spot any of the aforementioned signs. While you may find tutorials on how to troubleshoot some issues, it can be a hell of a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools or skills. Even if you do, you’ll be much better off relying on professionals.

With so many oil boiler repair companies to choose from, it helps to what to look out for when searching for the right one:

  • Accreditation and licensing: A good company is one that exclusively hires qualified and accredited technicians. And don’t just take anyone’s word for it, always ask to see supporting documents. You also want to ensure they’re licensed to operate within your area.
  • Experience with oil heating systems: The longer a contractor has been in business, the quicker they’ll be able to restore your equipment to working order. This would also show that they have a loyal client base, and thus provide a stellar service.
  • Reviews: These will give you an idea of how others have fared with a particular company. A quick search online will yield reviews from a handful of trusted communities.
  • Pricing: Don’t just go for the cheapest repair service you can find. Do a thorough price comparison to see what you’ll be getting, and how much it’ll cost. Make sure to use at least 3 quotes while you’re at it.
  • Keeping these points in mind should help you find the best company. Don’t forget to ask for a written report when they’re done performing the repairs. The last point to keep in mind is to have your oil fired heating system maintained regularly. Get an annual oil burner cleaning service from Miller Oil Company.

Furnace Repair Enfield CT

Enfield Furnace Repair Near Me: When To Call For Repairs

When the temperatures begin to drop, many people turn to their home’s heating system to keep them warm and comfortable. While a quality furnace will typically provide reliable heat, there can come a time when your furnace is not performing the way it should. Just like any appliance, your home’s HVAC system will likely need repairs from time to time.

If your furnace doesn’t seem to be delivering the reliable heat you expect, it’s time to do a little troubleshooting. First, check to make sure you have a clean air filter and that the thermostat is set to heat. If you’re still having problems, it’s probably time to call a professional HVAC repair company.

Local Enfield Furnace Repair Service Fixes Poor Airflow

If your home isn’t getting warm, it could be something as simple as poor airflow. Make sure the vents are open and that there’s a clean air filter installed in your heating system. If you’re still not getting sufficient warm air, it could be due to leaking ducts or a problem with the air handler. Your HVAC contractor will be able to inspect your heating system and diagnose the problem.

Faulty Thermostat

If the thermostat is set to heat and it’s set at a comfortable temperature, and your furnace still isn’t heating your home properly, the thermostat might need to be calibrated. A faulty thermostat won’t be able to regulate the temperature when your furnace turns on and off, leaving you with inconsistent heat.

Ignition Problem With Furnaces

Whether your furnace uses a standing pilot light, an intermittent pilot light, or hot surface ignition to get your furnace started, there are a number of components that can fail over time. If you’ve checked the settings on the thermostat and your furnace still isn’t starting, the problem might be with the ignition system. Check our service area to see if we handle HVAC repairs in your town.

Problems with the Furnace Blower

If you notice a high-pitched noise coming from your furnace, it’s probably an issue with the blower or the blower belt. Sometimes all that’s needed is to lubricate the belt or the belt might need to be replaced. An experienced HVAC technician will be able to inspect your heating system and determine the exact cause of the problem as well as the best way to get it fixed.

A Cracked Heat Exchanger

If you have a gas furnace, the heat exchanger is where the gas fuel is burned. The heat exchanger heats up and as air is blown over it, the air is warmed, then distributed out through the vents in your home. A heat exchanger can sometimes crack, this can significantly reduce its ability to heat your home, but it can also be very dangerous.

Burner Needs Cleaning or Adjusting

Sometimes a furnace will start, but the burner doesn’t light. Other times the burner lights, but it doesn’t burn properly. If you aren’t getting heat or you’re not getting enough heat, the problem might be with the burner. Whether the burner needs to be cleaned or it just needs adjusting, a trained service technician will be able to handle the job quickly and safely.

Enfield Ductless Heating System Installation

Why Choose A Ductless Or Mini-Split Heating System

There are many reasons why today’s homeowners choose ductless or mini-split heating systems. They not only offer a great deal of flexibility and convenience, but they are also extremely reliable and energy efficient. You no longer have to worry about how you’ll heat a new addition, attic conversion, or an older home, a ductless mini-split system can be a great solution for a wide range of heating problems.

Improve Indoor Air Quality Enfield CT

Many people worry about outdoor air pollution, but did you know that indoor air quality is often much worse than it is outdoors? A traditional HVAC system that uses a series of ducts can be a big contributor to lower indoor air quality. As air moves through the ductwork, dirt, dust, pollen, and other airborne particles can become trapped. Eventually, when your heater starts blowing air, these particles are dislodged and redistributed through your air vents and into your home. With a mini-split system, there are no ducts, so there is no accumulation of airborne particles and irritants, and these systems can also offer multi-stage filtration to help eliminate indoor allergens and other pollutants.

Enfield Ductless Heating Systems Can Improve Home Comfort

Many homes have rooms that are either too cold or too warm. It’s hard to regulate a central heating system and make sure every room is just the right temperature; however, with a ductless heating system, you can easily adjust the temperature in each zone to meet the comfort level of your family.

Increase Efficiency for Lower Utility Bills in Enfield, Connecticut

When you use a central HVAC system, even those with high-efficiency ratings, it will typically require much more energy to heat your home than a mini-split system would need. With central heating, a great deal of the money you spend on heating is lost through leaking ducts and inefficient delivery. Fortunately, with an efficient mini-split heating system, you can heat only the areas you want to be heated and you never have to worry about losing heat through leaky ducts. These systems offer a great way to increase efficiency as well as save money on expensive heating bills.

Enfield Ductless Heat = Flexible Heating Solutions

There are many homes and office buildings where installing a typical forced air furnace is just not practical. Maybe you want to heat a new addition to your home, a sunroom or you want heat in an attic or garage. Running ducts to these areas can be cost-prohibitive. The same is true with older homes that don’t already have a system of ducts in place. Unless you want to undergo major renovations, a ductless system is usually your best heating option.

Ductless HVAC Is Easy to Install

Unlike a heating system that uses a series of ducts to carry warm air to various rooms in your home, a ductless system requires much less work to install. These systems won’t require major renovations or installing ducts in an attic. There’s an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, and these two components are connected by a small pipe. Installation is generally quick and easy.

Heating System Upgrades Enfield CT

The Five Signs Of An Outdated Heating System in Enfield CT

Whenever the cold months arrive, many homeowners begin to think about replacing their heating units. They often wonder about the signs that their current heating system is “over the hill” and begging to be replaced.

Most homeowners can name at least one of the common symptoms of an outdated system, but it helps to know about several of the most common signs that a heating unit is too old to get the job done.

The five most common signs that a heating system needs to be replaced are:

Your Enfield HVAC System Can’t Integrate With “Smart” Technology

Many older systems are unable to be integrated with smart thermostats and other, newer technology. So-called “smart” systems tend to use much less energy and can lead to lower monthly utility bills by keeping a constant eye on usage patterns.

Homeowners who upgrade an old system are usually surprised by the amount of money they’re able to save simply as a result of the new heating unit’s ability to adapt with computerized monitoring and feedback devices.

Your Enfield HVAC System Produces Strange Sounds and Odors

Most people are intimately familiar with their heating unit’s typical sounds. When new sounds and/or strange odors begin to appear, the old unit is most likely on its last legs. In fact, unusual odors are a sure sign that the system is not working properly.

Unexpected noises can have dozens of different explanations but are one of the most common symptoms of an aging system that needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Your HVAC System’s Running Times are Getting Longer and Longer

As the years go by, systems become less efficient at heating a standard home. This is especially true of systems that are beyond their useful life. It’s common for a quality heating system to last well in excess of a decade, provided it is maintained properly. If it is not regularly serviced and is more than 10 years old, then running times will likely begin to increase.

This means the unit is working harder and harder to produce the same amount of heat that once required less effort. Homeowners who notice increased running times should have their system inspected, at the very least. It’s a fact that longer running times are more costly, and are one of the most common reasons aging systems lead to higher utility bills.

Your Enfield Heating System Needs More Frequent Service & Repairs

When a heating unit has to be repaired and/or serviced frequently, that’s a sure sign that it is past its prime. Homeowners often fall into the rut of shelling out more money for frequent service than the cost of a new system.

It’s useful to remember that a new heating system will save money in two ways: repair/service bills will be lower and better efficiency will mean lower utility bills.

Your Furnace, Boiler Or Heat Pump Produces Uneven Temperatures In Enfield CT

Old, degraded heating units are not able to heat a home evenly. The rooms near the unit might be too warm while the rest of the home is not warm enough. The ability of a home’s heating system to distribute warmth evenly is one of the hallmarks of a newer, properly functioning unit.

A brand new heating system is a wise investment for any homeowner who suspects that the current unit is not doing its job. Replacement means lower energy bills, fewer service visits, better air quality, and an evenly heated living space.

Have peace of mind knowing that your heating system will be operational quickly with Miller Oil Company speedy HVAC repairs.

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Heating System Installation Enfield CT

When your heating system is in need of a replacement or upgrade, we can help! We work with the best brands in the industry to ensure that you and your family will be warm and comfortable all winter long!

Brands we work with:

Viessmann is a German manufacturer of high efficiency cast iron boilers and indirect hot water heaters. They also make state of the art control systems, solar systems, mixing valves and burners. Give us a call to learn more or to get a free estimate for a new Viessmann oil boiler.

Weil-Mclain has been the boiler of choice for hundreds of satisfied Miller Oil customers! An industry leader for over 125 years, Weil-Mclain manufactures cast iron boilers and indirect hot water heaters. Our expert boiler installers will be able to install your new Weil-Mclain system in short order. Call us for a free, in-home estimate.

Riello Burners
Riello sets the standard in reliable, highly efficient, low maintenance burners. Available on all of our heating equipment, Riello burners are the industry’s best.

Thermo Pride
Thermo Pride makes the toughest, most dependable warm air furnaces available. A limited lifetime warranty on Thermo Pride heat exchangers, which is transferable if you sell your home, shows Thermo Pride’s commitment to quality. Contact us today for an estimate for a furnace replacement in your home.

Viega is one of the pioneers in radiant heating. They also manufacture pex tubing, fittings, mixing stations and controls.

Granby Steel Oil Tanks
Granby Steel Tanks has been the leader in the manufacture and distribution of steel tanks for the storage of petroleum products since 1954. We rely on their oil tanks as our go-to supplier whenever one of our customers needs a new tank.

Tekmar Control Systems
Tekmar Control Systems offers energy saving solutions for today’s hydronic (hot water) heating systems.

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