How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Air Conditioning System

image of mold that was on air conditioner

Mold, according to the EPA, needs oxygen, food, and moisture to flourish. Mold can thus develop on any wet surface in your home, even your air conditioning system.  Air conditioner mold is particularly deadly because it spreads quickly throughout the property, creating a health risk to everyone who lives there.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face This Summer

image of a homeowner feeling hot due to air conditioner breakdown

An air conditioner can make summer’s heat more bearable. Homeowners should ensure that their cooling system is reliable to handle the heat in the warmer months. Educating yourself about some common air conditioner problems and methods of prevention goes a long way to reducing stress and improving comfort for the hot season.

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Top Air Conditioner Noises To Be Aware Of

image of homeowner trying to sleep but can't due to air conditioning noises

There is no such thing as a completely silent air conditioner. Even brand-new equipment will emit some sounds. Typically, these noises are caused by regular operation and are not cause for alarm. However, in certain circumstances, an air conditioner making a noise may be a sign of a larger problem.

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What Are Modulating Air Conditioners?

image of a modulating air conditioning unit

Innovation never stops for air conditioner manufacturers, with the latest HVAC technologies revolving around the improvement of comfort and energy efficiency. In fact, these days, the standard air conditioning unit is now giving way to the more modern modulating air conditioner. Read on to learn more about variable-speed air conditioning units.

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What Is A SEER Rating And How Important Is It?

image of efficiency depicting air conditioner with high seer rating

When you are looking to buy an air conditioning unit, the SEER rating is an important factor, so don’t neglect to consider it. This rating will determine the efficiency of the HVAC system in regard to its energy consumption as and give you an indication of the indoor comfort you can expect.

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How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

image of an outdoor air conditioning unit in summer

When it gets hot, we typically turn to the air conditioner for relief. We can press a few buttons, wait a few minutes, and then enjoy a cooler house. In reality, it is all about applying scientific principles intelligently. In this article, we will answer the question, “How does an air conditioner work?”

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Ductless Mini-Split Lifespan: How Long Should My Unit Last?

image of a ductless mini-split system

An HVAC system is definitely a big investment. It’s certainly understandable that a homeowner would want to maximize their return on this investment. Oftentimes, this leads to a ductless mini-split system. In this article, we discuss what’s expected of a ductless mini-split lifespan as well as factors that impact longevity.

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Incredible Changes In HVAC Technology

image of a woman feeling comfortable after air conditioner installation

Over the years, the HVAC sector has seen its fair share of advances. Our forefathers had to cut wood for warmth, but we simply turn up the thermostat and choose our level of comfort. Several advances in HVAC technology have occurred during the last decade, resulting in significant improvements in comfort and energy usage.

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New Efficient Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort & Reduce Fuel Consumption

image of performance rating depicting new oil hvac systems

Families throughout the country are experiencing the pleasant effects of technological advances with their home heating units. Oil-fired heating systems are far out-performing older models. Therefore, it is an excellent time for an upgrade if your system is old and outdated. This article discusses how these changes can benefit you.

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Rust Could Be Destroying Your Furnace System Right Now

image of furnace that has rust

Rust, as it seems, never sleeps. It eats at metal and destroys it little by little. This is the same thing that happens in your home heating system. In this article, we discuss three main reasons why rust develops in a furnace. Likewise, we discuss possible solutions to this common heating system problem.

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