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What Is The Weather Like In Enfield CT?

What’s the weather like in Enfield CT? You’re in the heart of New England, so you can rest assured that the winters are going to get a little cold. Yet that’s when it’s time to snuggle up in a blanket in front of the fireplace and sip hot chocolate, right? New Englanders know how to hibernate during winter time. What’s the rest of what you need to know about the climate and weather in Enfield CT?

The town features a cold and temperate climate. The average temperatures for the summer months ranges from 67 to 71 degrees, which is quite comfortable indeed. You’re not having to worry about global warming so much in that part of the country, yet anyway. One thing about Enfield that you will also notice is that it rains quite often there.

In fact, the drier months are during late winter, of all times, and it rains quite often then, too, if it’s not snowing. The average temperature during wintertime is 24 to 30 degrees. During spring, you can expect average temperatures to be in the range of 36 to 58 degrees. It warms up a little in April, but May is when it really starts to get closer to ushering in Summer in Enfield.

Enfield Fall Temperatures

As for fall temperatures, the averages range from 41 to 62 degrees. The 62 degrees is what you can expect during the month of September, and the 41 degrees is of course what you can expect on average during the month of November. Overall, the temperatures typically stay between 24 and 71 degrees throughout the year.

You have to put up with the cold, but hot and humid summers are just nonexistent for the most part. Highs during the summer months can reach up into the mid 80’s, but that’s still not bad. And the highs during the wintertime will take a little chill off the table, too. Highs during February, right before springtime, can get up to nearly 40 degrees.

Rain Fall in Enfield CT

It was mentioned that it rains a lot in Enfield. Let’s put a number to that rain. On average, you can expect approximately 46 inches of rain each year. If you want to know how that compares to the national average, it comes in 7 inches higher. The national average rainfall for cities is 39 inches.

That’s not too bad, and rain can be quite lovely. Each year, Enfield also gets about 40 inches of snow, too. If you want to live in a place where it snows, Enfield is certainly a great choice. The average for US cities in terms of snow is 26 inches, so Enfield comes in above the mark for sure.

In terms of sunny days, Enfield gets 190 per year compared to the national average of 205. The comfort index is 38 vs the national average of 54, but if you ask me, that number is skewed. They like to give higher numbers to cities with warmer winters and much warmer summers. Remember that with global warming in play, those much warmer summers can be blistering hot elsewhere.

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