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Enfield Real Estate – What Are The Housing Market Trends?

What’s the real estate market like in Enfield CT? Are home values and listing prices below or above the national average? What do you need to know about housing market trends? What about communities or neighborhoods and available properties? Let’s take a look at the real estate market in the gorgeous town of Enfield, Connecticut.

After a small dip in median sales prices over the spring of 2018, real estate has been on the rise yet again in Enfield. The median sales price is currently $190k. The price per square foot is $141, which is also good to know in terms of home size vs home value. If you’re looking to rent a home in Enfield, the median rent per month is right at $1500.

Approximately 85 percent of the people that live in the town are homeowners. As for the other demographics, 29 percent of them are single, and the median age is 42. The average income per household is about $68k, and 32 percent of the population holds a college degree.

Compared to some nearby cities like Longmeadow, Enfield boasts real estate that is much more affordable. And then there are cities close by like Broad Brook that fall right in line with the housing market in Enfield. Now let’s break the numbers down by home size in accordance with sales prices.

The average sales price for a two bedroom property in the town is right at around $164k, which is a 6 percent increase over the year. For a three bedroom home, the average sales price is $189k, which is a decrease of just a tenth of a percent this year. Then there are the four bedroom homes, which have an average sales price of $218k, which is an increase this year of 11.7 percent. Overall, it was mentioned that the median sales price is $190k for all properties, and that reflects an increase of 3.4 percent in 2018.

Renters in Enfield CT

For renters, it was mentioned that the average monthly rent is $1500. The only number that tops that is four bedroom apartments, which come in at an average of $1725 a month. And as for potential buyers, if you’re looking to stay under $200k, there are quite a few listings available on the market in that category.

Enfield Neighborhoods

You might also like to know that there are nine neighborhoods in the town of Enfield. Currently, there are 206 listings for homes that are available on the market. As of the date of this post, the most expensive listing is $1.2m. Enfield is considered to currently be in a buyer’s market, so it’s the opportune time for people looking to buy a home in this beautiful town.

Median listing prices and median sales prices are pretty much matched up. The average time it takes for a home to sell in Enfield is just right above 100 days. That’s the scoop on the real estate market in the lovely town of Enfield CT. Here’s to you and your family finding your next home.

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