Enfield Government

Enfield Government Facts

Enfield, Connecticut is an American town located in Hartford County with a population of approximately 44,000. The median income for the area for a household is roughly $67,000, and the median income for a family is approximately $77,000. Enfield government facts, like most governmental facts for a specific area, are unique to Enfield.

Political Affiliations in Enfield CT

Unlike some areas where its citizens are mainly one party affiliation or another, the party affiliation in Enfield for Democrat or Republican is not overwhelmingly for one or the other. Approximately 34 percent of its citizens are Democrats. Approximately 22 percent of its citizens are Republican. However, in 2017, 40 percent of its citizens were unaffiliated with either party.

Council-manager Type Government in Enfield

The Enfield government is modeled on a council-manager style. This style means that people are elected, such as aldermen, to make decisions for the area, such as passing local ordinances, voting appropriations, etc. Approximately 40 percent of American cities use the council-manager approach. In Enfield, there is a Town Manager, a Town Council which includes a Mayor, a Deputy Major, District Councilors, and Council At-Large members. Both Democrats and Republicans make up these positions.

The Town Manager’s job is one of the most important for the Enfield government. He or she must keep the affairs of Enfield organized to deliver what the Enfield taxpayers demand. The office is a liaison between the administrative staff of Enfield and the Town Council.

Enfield Prisons

There are three prisons, as part of the Connecticut Department of Corrections, located in Enfield. They include Enfield, Robinson, and Willard-Cybulski.

Boards, Committees and Commissions

There are over 25 boards, committees and commissions in Enfield all focused on various areas. For example, there is the Board of Education for Enfield public schools. There is the Enfield Culture and Arts Commission that consists of eleven resident electors and whose job it is to focus on ways to encourage participation in historic, artistic, cultural and heritage matters in Enfield. Or the Loan Review Committee whose job it is to look at and approve or disapprove of the various loan applications that impact the area.

Enfield Town Council Meetings

The Town Council are a group of Enfield residents who meet regularly on the first and third Mondays of each month. The meetings are televised. Other residents of Enfield are encouraged to attend these meetings, ask questions and address whatever concerns they may have about their community.

Latest 2018 News

Every town has the latest news that is unique to them. In Enfield, a critical update for 2018 is that the bridge that crosses Freshwater Brook located on South River Street was reopened for traffic. This is an important update for the area because while the bridge was closed, traffic had to be rerouted to Asnuntuck Street. The Enfield government, including the Town Manager, worked with the residents of Enfield to make this step happen. In addition, due to the deterioration of the bride, approximately $100,000 was appropriated to repair the bridge. The bridge is set to be completely replaced in 2021.

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