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Fun Annual Events In Enfield, Ct To Enjoy

At first glance there are a lot of nice places to live in the United States and it would be hard to choose if you didn’t have any other considerations, like a job or family. But, there are some things that make living in a particular city a permanent place to call home, raise a family and retire while enjoying yourself. One of the key factors that a lot of people mention are nearby fun things to do that happen each month that you look forward to. Here are some of the best annual events for the city of Enfield, CT USA!

Annual Independence Day Celebration And Parade

Every year in Enfield there is a huge parade on the closest Saturday to the 4th of July. It has been rated as the best parade in the state of Connecticut several times throughout its history. It will always have marching bands from all of the local schools and many from nearby cities as well. They compete for best songs, best marching form and other attributes with awards afterwards.

There are floats, famous hometown celebrities, and national heroes all displayed in the downtown Enfield parade.

The Taste of Enfield

At the end of the parade, there is another great annual event called the “Taste of Enfield” that is combined with the Craft and Vendor Marketplace. This great mid-summer event usually attracts around 20,000 visitors and runs over a three day weekend.

There will be bands playing on a large central stage with several different types of music from country to rock and roll. There are always fireworks at the end of the night on Sunday, which draws the largest crowd of the event. The entrance is free, no outside alcoholic beverages or pets allowed. There is fun for the entire family.

Independence Day Kids Fair in Enfield CT

In addition to the food and beverages at the Taste of Enfield, there are also kids activities at the west end of the Enfield Town Hall. These include face paintings, various bounce houses, a large Lego-Duplo Discovery Zone, and a mini-golf course, made for kids as well.

Various local church groups will set up their activities that include spin art, races, hands-on crafts, sidewalk chalk design contests, and other fun things for children to do. There are also large DJ sound systems set up with music that kids enjoy. Most years there are also small carnival rides and a petting zoo as well. This event takes place at the same dates as the annual Independence Day Celebration so be aware of that and make plans to stop by during the day.

Every city has it’s big events and small happenings that are going on nearly every week. If you combine those with your favorite other activities you’ll never get bored. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet others that enjoy doing the same types of things you do and develop lasting friendships with like minded people such as yourself. Enfield Connecticut is a great place to visit and live with fun things to do year round.

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