Enfield Parks

Enfield CT Parks: Which Are The Best To Visit With Your Family?

Enfield is such a beautiful area of Connecticut. There are some great parks both in the town and nearby. Are you familiar with the Scantic River? It runs through Hartford County. You’re going to get to know this river as you explore nature throughout the town of Enfield and surrounding areas. Here is a list of the best parks you might want to visit while there.

Scantic River State Park, Enfield CT

Scantic River State Park is first on the list, and it is a total of 784 acres. The state park covers more ground than just the town of Enfield. It also stretches into Somers and East Windsor. Visitors to Scantic River State Park enjoy nature hikes, and fishing and hunting are also popular activities. If you’re looking to go hunting, you will want to know the specific areas in which it is allowed.

If you have kids and are looking for a park with a playground, you might want to stop by Branierd Park in Enfield. It is located off of Shaker Road. While it is a smaller park, it is a great place to relax, let the kids play and maybe have a picnic. And if you have your furry friend with you, there is a dog park in Enfield, too. People have good things to say about Enfield Dog Park in the reviews, and you will find it on Ecology Drive. It is said to be clean and well-maintained.

Angelo Joseph Sferrazza Memorial Park, Enfield CT

There is one more park to check out while you’re in Enfield. It is Angelo Joseph Sferrazza Memorial Park. This park is located at 49 Parsons Road. Take a nice relaxing riverside walk down to the railroad bridge. Doesn’t that seem like a really nice scene? Make sure you take time to check out Angelo Joseph Sferrazza Memorial Park while you’re in Enfield.

Nearby Parks To Enfield CT

Then thereĀ are the parks that aren’t necessarily in Enfield, but they are close by. One of them is Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail. This park is another place that you can take your dog, too. There’s a lot of history to this hidden treasure of a park, and it offers beautiful views. You’re always not far away from the Scantic River when you’re in this area of Connecticut.

Forest Park in Springfield is also close by. It’s a different type of park and is a Christmas tradition, too. There is a zoo there that is popular to visit. You will see all the Christmas lights during the season, and the park is said to be quite festive. There are also multiple playgrounds on site as well. Forest Park would make for a great family outing.

Those top parks in and around Enfield are the best picks. There are many outdoor adventures that await, and each of the parks brings something different to the table. Which of the best parks represents what you’re looking for while you’re in Enfield? Perhaps you want to make it by all of them if you end up having enough time to do so.

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