Enfield Shopping

Your Guide To Enfield Shopping

Enfield isn’t a massive town, but it is home to a number of shops. If you think that you might be doing some shopping in Enfield, you’ll want to take a closer look at this useful shopping guide.

Enfield Square

One of the most convenient places to shop in the Enfield area is Enfield Square, a shopping mall that is home to over 50 stores. These stores include Bath & Body Works, Charlotte Russe, and CM Repairs & Accessories. The mall is also home to seven restaurants.

This mall is only one story and is smaller than many other malls in New England. While it’s common for malls to be connected to department stores, this mall’s anchor stores consist of a Party City and a Target. At 788,000 sq ft, Enfield Square is Connecticut’s 10th largest mall.

Brookside Plaza in Enfield CT

Another popular shopping destination in Enfield is Brookside Plaza, a large strip mall that’s close to the I-91 interchange. The strip mall is home to all kinds of retailers, such as Pier 1 Imports, Dress Barn, and TJ Maxx. It’s also home to a Shop-Rite grocery store and numerous fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

This shopping center is popular with Enfield locals because of its convenient location. Many people outside of Enfield choose to shop here as well. Many customers seem to appreciate how easy it is to get in and out of the shopping center. It’s a stress-free way to get some shopping done.

Other Places To Shop In Enfield

In addition to the shopping centers mentioned above, there’s another popular Endfield shopping center that’s in close proximity to the mall. This strip mall is where large stores like Best Buy and Kohl’s can be found. It’s also the location of clothing stores like Lane Bryant. This area is frequently referred to as “Elm Plaza.”

Another shopping destination near Enfield Square is the collection of stores along Palomba drive. Shops in this area include a Home Depot, a Dick’s Sporting goods, and a Joann’s Fabrics. Many people that shop at the Enfield mall choose to visit other nearby shopping areas as well.

Of course, not all of Enfield’s stores are a part of large shopping centers. There are plenty of other stores to be found in the area. For example, there’s Little Black Dress, a very popular clothing store that is locally owned. There’s also Stickley, a furniture store on Enfield St. that is known for its high-end items.

Enfield is bordered by Suffield, Windsor Locks, Longmeadow, and Somers. While there are a lot of places to shop in Enfield, there are many other stores nearby. If your favorite store doesn’t have an Enfield location, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to find another place to shop.

Now that you’re aware of Enfield’s major shopping centers, you’ll know where to go when you want to do some shopping. Whether you’re shopping for clothing, furniture, or other essential items, you should be able to find plenty of shops that are relevant to you.

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