Enfield Geography

The Geography Of Enfield

There is a town that is located in Hartford County that is called Enfield. It has a population of about 45,000 people. It is very close to popular cities in Massachusetts including East Longmeadow. The Connecticut River runs through this area, and the geography is quite unique. Those that live there enjoyed the waterways, and also its close proximity to large cities such as Springfield and Hartford Connecticut. If you are going to visit the state of Connecticut soon, here is an overview of what you can expect in regard to the geography of Enfield CT.

The Geography Of Enfield

Enfield is an area that has many outdoor activities. There are a large number of red maples, black birch, and Eastern Hemlock. If you are able to go on hikes, or just go walking through one of the many parks, you will see why people like to visit this region. For example, the Windsor Locks canal state park trail is one of the more popular attractions. Although it is in Suffield, it is only a few miles away. Despite the many other attractions such as Six Flags New England, and the New England Air Museum, many people stay within the Enfield area because of the natural surroundings.

Activities That Cater To The Geography Of Enfield

Another location that is accommodating toward the geography of this region of Connecticut is Scantic River State Park. This is a place where people decide to do fishing, kayaking, and also canoeing. There are also recreational areas and parks, most of which are going to cater to children. In regard to farming, this has proven problematic for many people that try to grow crops in the area.

Agricultural Use Of The Land Within Connecticut

Although there are many things that can grow in the soil in Connecticut such as apples, cabbage, and oats, there are certain random areas where the soil can be extremely unsuitable for crops. Part of the reason is the soil is extremely rocky, and may also lack the necessary nutrients for proper crop growth. In many cases, farmers and gardeners will add nutrients such as nitrogen to the soil.

Overall Geography Of Connecticut And Enfield

Most of Connecticut is known for having a temperate climate. They typically have warm humid summers and mild winters. In Enfield, due to its proximity to the Connecticut River, there are many flat areas, flanked by many rolling hills and trees that dot the countryside. This is extremely different from how most people perceive the state of Connecticut, primarily because people think of the coastline. However, this far inland, you have the ability to live in areas that have fields, mountains, trees, and rivers that is more applicable to people that enjoy this type of natural setting.

If you have not been to Enfield in Connecticut before, now that you know a little bit about the geography of Enfield, you may want to consider visiting. This town and Hartford County, with less than 50,000 people, is a great place to raise a family. At the very least, it’s a wonderful place to visit if you have the time because of the natural surroundings. This could become one of your favorite destinations if you happen to be traveling in the Northeast of the United States.

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