7 Steps To Choosing A Boiler For Your Home

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While your current boiler may have given you solid performance for years, there will come a time when it gives up the fight, and you will need to consider a boiler replacement. Whether your boiler stops working completely or gives you the signs that it is nearing the end, you need to be prepared for your oil boiler installation. Thanks to advanced technology, you can replace your older boiler with one that is more efficient and offers better convenience features. Learn more about choosing the right replacement boiler.

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Considerations When Selecting a New Oil Boiler

Choosing a new oil boiler can seem like an overwhelming task. It’s important that you take the time to make the right choice for your situation. Familiarizing yourself with the options by reaching out to an HVAC specialist can bring clarity to the situation. A professional can review your needs and make knowledgeable recommendations. You can get all of your questions answered to reduce the overwhelm and ensure you are getting exactly what you need for your home and your budget. The following are a few of the vital items to consider:

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1. Boiler Type

There are a couple of types of oil boilers to choose from, including hot water boilers and steam boilers. While they are very similar in how they function, there are a few differences. Steam boilers get much hotter and do not require as many accessories and parts to function. Hot water boilers are considered to be more efficient and somewhat safer. Due to the capacity for high heat, steam boilers are often selected for industrial uses. Conversely, hot water boilers are considered ideal for small to moderate size homes. These units are available in oil or natural gas, heating oil often being the preferred option in Connecticut due to availability and lower home heating oil cost.


2. Choosing the Right Size of Heating Oil Boiler

Not all size boilers are right for all buildings. While you might think that a bigger boiler equates to better performance, the wrong boiler size for the building can cause damage. If the boiler is too big, “short cycling” can occur. When the unit is too big, it will heat the building more quickly and then shut off accordingly. This quick and frequent shut-off can wear on the unit, ultimately causing early deterioration. While homeowners can replace their old unit with a similar size unit, the best option is always to consult with an HVAC professional to determine what is best for your situation.

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3. Boiler Efficiency Considerations

While cost is certainly important in deciding on a boiler system, homeowners should also consider the efficiency of the unit. Of all the appliances in a home, the heating system is responsible for the most consumption of all. Selecting a high-efficiency heating system can dramatically reduce the expenses of operation. Although a higher efficiency unit may initially cost more, it will ultimately save money. The unit’s ability to convert the fuel to energy, also known as the AFUE, is measured over the entire season of heating. High-efficiency boilers have the Energy Star label. Selecting these units can provide the best results.

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4. Boiler Maintenance for Oil-Fired Units

Prior to selecting a boiler, consider the maintenance requirements of each. They all vary, and you want to be sure you will have the ability to keep up with the maintenance for the system you choose. For some units, it is best to enlist the help of a trained HVAC technician for regular maintenance. Annual boiler maintenance can be scheduled with a technician to ensure the unit doesn’t surprise you during the needed season.


5. Requirements for Venting a Boiler

The gasses that boilers emit mean that proper ventilation is vital. Not all boilers require the same ventilation. Some boilers require chimney venting to remove the gasses vertically. Power-vented boilers forcibly remove the gasses through a side wall vent using powerful fans. For this method to be effective, a larger room with a great deal of ventilation is needed. Lastly, boilers that use direct venting work well in small spaces as they do not need indoor air.

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6. Climate Factors & Your Boiler

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One of the deciding factors in choosing a boiler system is the climate. Consider whether the boiler will need to be used frequently or only occasionally based on how often it gets cold and to what degree. Select a unit that will be able to consistently handle what is being thrown at it with regard to temperature.

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7. Brand Name of the Oil Burner

There is something to be said for selecting a brand name that has an excellent reputation. In many cases, these industry leaders are known for the quality and efficiency of their systems. Additionally, timely service may be available when it comes to boiler warranty repairs. Researching the various brands can help homeowners find the best brand for their needs. Another excellent resource is an HVAC contractor since they would have actual experience with the various brands and the boiler installation of such brands.



Choosing the right boiler system for your home will depend on your specific heating needs and household. Reaching out to an HVAC contractor to discuss the options is the first step to making the right choice. If you are currently using an oil boiler, you will likely want to choose the same type of boiler to save on the cost of conversion. Select the best boiler based on the capacity, venting requirements, and efficiency rating as well as brand name.

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