New Efficient Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort & Reduce Fuel Consumption

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Families throughout the country are experiencing the pleasant effects of technological advances with their home heating units. Now is the perfect time for an oil heating system upgrade in your home given that oil-fired heating systems are far out-performing older models. HVAC manufacturers are increasingly focusing on efficiency and these efforts have led to some pretty remarkable changes. People can enjoy greater levels of comfort on even some of the very coldest days of the year. They are able to use a lot less fuel oil given that the most efficient oil heating system can produce more warm air with less input. Continue reading to see how these changes can benefit you.

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New Oil Heating Systems Have A Higher Level of Efficiency

If you have an old heating oil system for home heating, now is a good time to consider upgrading it. This is a very worthwhile decision given that newer heating systems can provide some pretty excellent returns. They have efficiency ratings that go as high as 98% so that less energy winds up getting wasted. Energy consumption is greatly reduced with fuel savings going as high as 48%. Brand new oil boilers and furnaces additionally have controls for saving energy that can reduce fuel usage by as much as 10% more. New oil motors have variable-speed motors that require 80% less electricity compared to motors with fixed speeds. Heating oil has even been upgraded and there are now mixtures that offer both higher levels of efficiency and a far cleaner burn.

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Modern Innovations That Have Driven Increased Efficiency in Oil-Heating

image of efficiency rating depicting new oil hvac systems


1. Heat Exchangers Are Lighter

When shopping for a replacement oil furnace or boiler, consider the list of features to find out whether or not a model has any of the latest and more remarkable efficiency upgrades. One thing to look for is a lightweight heat exchanger. This is the component that moves the heat from the fuel combustion process to the air. A lightweight construct creates allows for a better transfer of heat in comparison to a heavier construct.

2. An Electric Ignition System

Older furnaces have standing pilot lights. By most standards, the standing pilot light is obsolete. Electric ignition switches are a far better option given that they don’t need as much energy. These only use power when it’s absolutely necessary.

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3. Combustion Chambers That Are Completely Sealed

Older oil heating systems have atmospheric combustion chambers as part of their designs. Given that these chambers are open to the rest of the home, they lose a lot of heat as time goes on. The sealed combustion chambers in newer oil-heat units are able to get air from a PVC pipe so that household safety and heat retention are improved.

4. Two-Stage Furnaces

Older furnaces have just two states of operation: they’re either off or they’re on. When in use, they always work at maximum capacity. Conversely, a new furnace burn has multiple states and can work at a lower capacity for energy savings. This also ensures that heat is being evenly distributed throughout the entire home.

5. Variable-Speed Fans

Finally, a new furnace has a fan that’s able to work at variable speeds. This is helpful given that you might not need it to work at maximum speed all of the time. Reducing the settings will promote less energy use.


The Outstanding Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Efficiency Oil Heating System

1. The HVAC Equipment Will Last Longer

You can expect a new heating oil system to last far longer than an older one. Advanced features allow new furnaces to cycle off and on as needed for lower energy use. Apart from boosting overall efficiency, this gives the furnace the chance to rest from time to time. A new system will also have the ability to get rid of chemical build-ups and extra moisture to enjoy a longer lifespan. This provides the added bonus of cleaner indoor air.

2. Decreases in Your Home Energy Bills

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Many homeowners put off furnace upgrades because they’re reticent to pay the cost of these improvements. They hold on to older heaters in an effort to save cash. However, an inefficient furnace will invariably become more costly to use over time. When you replace this with a new and more efficient model, you’ll see remarkable decreases in your home energy bills. Within just several years, these are savings that might match the costs of your upgrade. Older systems have annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of about 65%, whereas newer systems have AFUE ratings that are as high as 98%.

3. Less Negative Effects on the Natural Environment

There is a significant drop in overall fuel use among households that make this upgrade. Some homeowners find that they wind up using a third of the fuel they once used given that their new heaters can produce the same amount of heat while using less energy. More than your household budget will benefit from this change. The environment will also benefit too. A high-efficiency model will produce fewer carbon emissions and preserve more natural resources. This is definitely the choice to make if you want your home to be greener. In some areas, homeowners can get tax credits when purchasing HVAC systems that are energy-efficient.

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4. Maintenance Is a Lot Less Stressful

Older systems tend to break down after about 10 years of use. Owners have to become increasingly diligent about maintaining this equipment in order to keep it running as it should. They will likely spend more on HVAC repairs and with increasing frequency. If you’re ready for a heating system that’s absolutely stress-free to own, consider upgrading to a brand new one.

5. Even Heat Distribution

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The uneven distribution of heat is a common problem in homes that are fairly large. Some rooms can be far warmer than others and this can lead to uncomfortable residents. New oil-heat furnaces can capably distribute heat in an even fashion so that all occupants can enjoy comfortable sleep when the weather is its coldest. Temperatures will be easy to manage and overall airflow will be consistent.

6. Your Home’s Value Will Go Up

One way to boost the value of your home is by having a modern heater installed. Buyers love all of the benefits that come with these models and are therefore willing to pay extra for properties that have them.

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There are many steps that homeowners can take to improve energy efficiency including scheduling regular HVAC maintenance and having smart thermostats installed. However, nothing is going to have a bigger impact on home energy use than investing in a new, state-of-the-art oil heating system. Enjoy the benefits above right now by making this upgrade. Speak with an HVAC service company in your area to get help choose the best model for your home. Also, you can learn more about the available options in  HVAC equipment financing.

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