Wi-Fi Thermostats for Oil Heat

image of a wi-fi thermostat for fuel oil heating system

Around 50 percent of the household energy consumption in the United States comes from heating and cooling. The thermostat you use significantly affects how much energy your home consumes and how effective your heating oil system is. If you want to enhance your oil boiler or furnace’s efficiency, consider a Wi-Fi thermostat installation. This device will help automate your home and give you greater temperature and climate controls over your home. Hence, you can enjoy lower energy costs. A Wi-Fi thermostat also offers other benefits aside from automation and temperature control.

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Nine Benefits Of A Wi-Fi Thermostat For Oil-Heat Homes

The following are nine benefits a Wi-Fi thermostat can bring to oil heat users:

1. Control Your Thermostat From Anywhere

image of homeowner using phone to control oil home heating

You might have thought about lowering the thermostat as you leave for work but forget to actually do it. If so, you know how frustrating this feels as you end up wasting energy needlessly. A Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to control your thermostat remotely, so you don’t have to deal with such problems. All you need to do is install the dedicated app on your phone, so you can control the thermostat remotely as long as you are connected to the internet.

2. Use A Wi-Fi Thermostat To Save On Heating Oil Costs & Energy

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), setting your thermostat 10 degrees lower when you are away from home or while you are asleep will help lower your energy bill by as much as 10 percent. A Wi-Fi thermostat makes it easier to adjust the settings because you can control it via your phone.

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3. A Wi-Fi Thermostat Is Equipped With Intuitive Displays And Easy Controls

A Wi-Fi thermostat typically has a bright, intuitive display that allows you to read data easily. It also has controls such as dials, buttons, or responsive touch screens. If you know how to use a smartphone, it should be fairly easy operating a smart thermostat.

4. Access Useful Metrics On Oil Home Heating

image of homeowner using phone to determine energy use and wi-fi thermostat

Having a smart thermostat means that you can access the data and metrics, which you can’t get with a dial or programmable thermostat. Using the thermostat app on your phone, you can get your energy consumption statistics and behavior over time. When you are equipped with this information, you can use this to make thermostat adjustments so you can enjoy optimal home comfort and reduced energy bills. In addition, a Wi-Fi thermostat can also tell you how much energy you’ve saved or the humidity in your home.

5. Multiple Thermostats At Multiple Locations

Owning and maintaining several homes can be a tiresome and costly task. You need to make sure that the oil-powered heating units in each house operate efficiently, which can pose a challenge. With a smart thermostat, you can remotely manage the climate in each home using a single internet-enabled device. This can be your smartphone or tablet.

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6. Get HVAC Maintenance Reminders

image of a smart thermostat and remote control for a fuel oil heating system

A heater that’s maintained properly and regularly helps improve your home’s energy efficiency and safety, reduces heating bills, and allows air to flow properly. Therefore, it is a must to have your heater in good working condition at all times. A Wi-Fi thermostat can help make this easier. For example, your thermostat can help you find the best time to schedule oil furnace maintenance and, more importantly, set a reminder for you.

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7. Get Local Weather Updates

Weather can impact your oil heater’s operations and efficiency. For instance, your home can stay comfortable even if the temperature is set lower during warmer days. You can also crank up the oil-powered heater on colder days. Therefore, adjustments to your thermostat settings are a must when the weather changes. A smart thermostat can help track any temperature changes by displaying local weather information. It can also show weather updates through your phone. This way, you can adjust the thermostat as needed and save you money in the long run.

8. Customized Oil Heating Schedules

image of a thermostat for a fuel oil heating systemYour thermostat should be able to meet your home’s lifestyle changes to ensure the highest efficiency. A smart thermostat lets you set your preferred oil heating schedules according to your lifestyle and schedule. If you want to lower the temperatures while at work, you can use your Wi-Fi thermostat to set the temperatures lower automatically. If you wish to have a warm home by the time you get back, you can set your thermostat to crank up the temperature while you head home.

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9. Integration With Other Smart Devices

Smart technology is becoming ubiquitous as more smart devices are used in homes. Your smart thermostat can be connected with other smart devices like Google Nest or Amazon Echo. This incorporation of smart devices enables you to utilize voice commands to turn on the heating or make temperature adjustments. You can also customize commands that will allow you to schedule oil heating using your voice. It would surely open up a lot of new and exciting options when you integrate your Wi-Fi thermostat with your other smart devices.



Keep your home comfortable, and your energy bills low by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat. This smart device provides many benefits, including the ones stated above. Aside from a smart thermostat, it is also essential that you have a reliable heating oil provider like Miller Oil Company. If you live in Hartford County, Connecticut, order now! Rest assured that we will deliver heating oil quickly and at the lowest price.

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