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Boiler Heating SystemsThe winters in Enfield can be brutal. That’s why you need a heating system you can trust! Boilers are one of the most effective ways to heat your home! Since 1939, the experts at Miller Oil Company have been providing boiler services to residents in northern Connecticut. Our service team has decades of experience with all sorts of HVAC systems including boilers!

Boiler Installation

Installing a boiler in your Enfield home is one of the smartest decisions you can make. You’ll benefit from superior comfort and options when it comes to installation. In addition, you’ll benefit from:

Zoning– Boilers are able to specify heating zones throughout your home and provide you with fully customizable comfort!

Cost– The cost of operating a boiler is lower than you may think. Though there’s an initially large investment, boilers pay or themselves with lowered monthly heating costs.

Quiet Operation– Boilers are arguably the quietest way to heat your home. This means you’ll never have to deal with loud clanking or buzzing from your system.

Increased Air Quality– This isn’t as well known, but boilers can actually increase the air quality in your home! Boilers are not a forced air system which means pollutants and allergens are not circulated throughout your home!

Environmentally Conscious– Boilers can help you reduce your carbon footprint since they are so efficient at burning fuel!

Contact the heating experts at Miller Oil Company for the best boiler installation services in all of Connecticut!

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Boiler Repair and Maintenance

When your boiler breaks down, you need it fixed fast so your home never gets cold. The heating team at Miller Oil Company will provide you with the very best service in the area and will fix whatever you need as soon as possible. And to prevent further problems, we offer maintenance services to ensure that any and all problems are caught in the earliest stages before they evolve into much larger headaches!

If your system is causing you discomfort and you need it fixed now, we offer same day Emergency HVAC Services in Enfield, CT so you can get back to living comfortably. Contact us for more information!

Serving the Community Since 1939

Miller Oil Company has been providing the very best service to residents in the Enfield region for almost 80 years! We’ve built our company around the idea that all our clients should be treated like family, and that reflects itself in our prices as well!

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