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Oil Boiler Heating SystemsThe winters in Enfield can be brutal. That’s why you need a heating system you can trust! Boilers are one of the most effective ways to heat your home! Since 1939, the experts at Miller Oil Company have been providing boiler services to residents in northern Connecticut. Our service team has decades of experience with all sorts of HVAC systems including boilers!

Boiler Installation

Installing an oil boiler in your Enfield home is one of the smartest decisions you can make. You’ll benefit from superior comfort and options when it comes to installation. In addition, you’ll benefit from:

Zoning– Boilers are able to specify heating zones throughout your home and provide you with fully customizable comfort!

Cost– The cost of operating a boiler is lower than you may think. Though there’s an initially large investment, boilers pay or themselves with lowered monthly heating costs.

Quiet Operation– Boilers are arguably the quietest way to heat your home. This means you’ll never have to deal with loud clanking or buzzing from your system.

Increased Air Quality– This isn’t as well known, but boilers can actually increase the air quality in your home! Boilers are not a forced air system which means pollutants and allergens are not circulated throughout your home!

Environmentally Conscious– Boilers can help you reduce your carbon footprint since they are so efficient at burning fuel!

Contact the heating experts at Miller Oil Company for the best boiler installation services in all of Connecticut. Read more.

Maintenance For An Oil Boiler and Oil Heater

Adequate oil heater maintenance is essential. Your oil-fired heater, just like any other machine, is bound to accrue normal wear and tear. For instance, soot can build up in the chimney base and smoke pipe of your oil furnace or oil boiler. Annual tune-ups from a professional can help mitigate these natural deteriorations and also extend your unit’s lifespan. Not only does your heating equipment last longer but it will also run more efficiently. Call us to get your oil boiler maintained. Call (860) 745-0326.

Oil Heater Maintenance

Under normal working conditions, the wear and tear your oil heater goes through can affect its performance and functionality. You can end up needing frequent repairs due to the various malfunctions your heating system might experience. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help eliminate these costly repairs.

Oil-fired and Gas-fired Heaters Furnaces Differ

Remember, the maintenance required by oil-fired and gas-fired heaters furnaces differ slightly. It is best to call a professional technician for all your tune-up needs. However, there are three tasks you can accomplish between professional inspections to ensure that your oil heater is running efficiently.

First, you can conduct a visual and aural inspection. Search for signs of black soot. Soot outside your furnace is an indication that your heating system is burning more than oil. Black smoke is another sign to look out for. It can be an indication that oil is not being burned completely. It would help if you also listened for strange rattling or vibrating sounds from your heating system’s interior. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to contact your trusted HVAC professional. Call Miller Oil Company at (860) 745-0326.

Oil Boiler Repairs

By keeping your oil heating system in tip-top shape with an annual cleaning and tune-up services, you will reduce the frequency of repairs on your heater. Get a quote for an annual preventative maintenance tune-up service from us. Call us at (860) 745-0326.

Oil Burner Repair Services

Your oil burner is the heart and soul of your oil heating system. The burner is the component that our technicians will be sure to focus on. Our inspection of your oil burner will reveal any issues that may come up in the near future. If our technicians find any issues, they will certainly make note of it and recommend a solution.

Cleaning Your Oil Heating System

You should also clean the dust off your oil heating system. To do this, you should turn off your system first, including the gas line. Wait for a few minutes or until your heater cools down. Use a vacuum to clean off the dust. This way, you not only reduce the allergens in the air but you also prevent burned debris from circulating throughout your home. You can also change the air filter in your furnace. Check the operator’s manual of your oil furnace to know how often is the recommended number of times you should change the air filter.

On the other hand, an expert technician maintains your oil-fired furnace or boiler by first cleaning the smoke pipe, heater, and the chimney base. The professional will also change the pump strainer, oil filter, and nozzle. Furthermore, the technician will examine, clean, and fine-tune the ignition electrodes. If you have a forced air system, the technician can change your air filter for you. He will also check the blast tube, the combustion chamber, and end cone. He will also ensure that the electronic components and circuit boards are functioning correctly. Lastly, the professional technician will run your heating system to make sure that every component is working correctly.

Proper heater maintenance has many advantages. It can increase your household’s health and safety. Remember that your furnace burns oil, so you have to make sure that your heater exhausts the gases outside your home. A routine heater maintenance checks if your heating unit has any cracks or other malfunctions and fixes it right away so that harmful gases do not circulate throughout your home. Aside from that, a tune-up can also decrease the chances of a system breakdown, and ensure that your heating system’s warranty does not become void.

What To Do If You Run Out Of Heating Oil

If you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, and you notice that your home is freezing. Chances are, your heater probably stopped working. A probable cause can be that your unit is experiencing a system breakdown or that you run out of heating oil. If it’s the latter, then don’t fret. We have listed a couple of suggestions below what you should do when you find yourself in this situation.

But before we tackle that, you have to keep in mind the several heating oil delivery options available to prevent this situation from happening in the first place. To keep your tank fully supplied all year-round, consider enrolling in an auto-fill program. You can also buy a tank monitor so that you can easily observe the amount of heating oil that is left in your tank.  

Luckily, we have created a list below on the recommended solutions to get your oil heat system refueled and to keep your home warm while you wait for the heating oil delivery to arrive:

Oil Heater Maintenance Check: Examine your heating oil system to determine whether or not you’ve run out of heating oil. Having no heat can also mean that your system is experiencing other issues. Your oil burner might not be operating correctly. Alternatively, it could be a blocked fuel line. If you have fuel oil, then contact your trusted HVAC contractor right away to determine the problem and do the needed repairs.

Emergency Oil Delivery Service: When you run out of heating oil, contact your heating oil company immediately. A reputable fuel oil provider has an emergency delivery service in place so that you receive the fuel you need as soon as possible, which is typically in 24 hours or less. Emergency oil deliveries include conducting priming or restart procedures. These are required to clear your fuel lines and to ensure that your home heating equipment functions safely again.

Kerosene: Depending on the situation, it can take a day for your heating oil to arrive. If this is the case, you can use kerosene to fire up your heating system in the meantime. Kerosene can be bought at your local gas station. You can buy five to ten gallons of kerosene, as this amount will be enough to last a day or two until your emergency heat oil delivery arrives. Just make sure that you use the correct gas container for your kerosene.

Diesel Fuel: Another alternative fuel option is diesel fuel. This emergency-fuel option can also be purchased in your local gas station. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a container suitable for flammable products. Buy five to ten gallons of diesel fuel and pour it down your oil tank. However, before you restart your heating oil system, wait at least ten minutes. This way, the sediments and other impurities in the diesel have time to settle at the bottom of your tank.

Insulated Surroundings: While you wait for the emergency fuel oil supply to arrive, you can conserve heat by employing measures to insulate your home. Walk around your house and make sure that all windows and doors are closed properly. Ensure that there are no significant gaps and cracks. If there are, use insulating methods such as draft blockers and weather stripping to keep your home warm and cozy.

Alternative Sources: You can also use an alternative heating source while you wait for your fuel oil delivery to arrive. Fireplaces, electric space heaters, and wood stoves are other potential sources of warmth. You have to ensure that you follow the recommended safety precautions when you use these alternative heating sources.

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Boiler Repair and Maintenance

When your boiler breaks down, you need it fixed fast so your home never gets cold. The heating team at Miller Oil Company will provide you with the very best service in the area and will fix whatever you need as soon as possible. And to prevent further problems, we offer maintenance services to ensure that any and all problems are caught in the earliest stages before they evolve into much larger headaches!

If your system is causing you discomfort and you need it fixed now, we offer same day Emergency HVAC Services in Enfield, CT so you can get back to living comfortably. Contact us for more information!

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