Improper Furnace Installations Can End Up Costing You More Money

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The furnace installation process is equally as essential as the heating unit. It is always recommended to have an HVAC professional assist you throughout the process. After all, it dictates how well your furnace will operate. It also ensures that any serious issues and premature furnace breakdowns are prevented. A correctly-sized furnace that is installed properly will work efficiently and safely. Therefore, this article will talk about what will happen with an improper furnace installation. We have also included a short guide to find the right HVAC company to help you achieve proper furnace installation.

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Improper Furnace Installations Can End Up Costing You More Money

One of the vital steps needed to make sure that the installation process goes smoothly is a Manual J load calculation. This figure is vital in determining the correct size and capacity of your home heating needs.

Why Is A Manual J Load Calculation Important?

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The Manual J load calculation utilizes specific factors to determine the heating or cooling capacity your HVAC system should have. These include th capacity to melt 1,000 kilos of ice within a day. At the same time, a ton is equal to 12,000 BTUs/hour.

Every home is different – from the design, materials to your family needs. These aspects are what make this calculation essential. It is used to find the right HVAC size to ensure that your home receives even and constant temperatures. An HVAC system that is either too small or too big will only lead to HVAC problems, such as short cycling. When your system continuously turns on and off, it results in component wear-and-tear as your system strains to achieve the demands of your home. You might even notice that your home doesn’t become comfortable despite the HVAC system being turned on all day.

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Safety Issues When A Furnace Is Not Installed Properly

Some of the problems that you might encounter down the line if your furnace is not installed correctly include:

Gas Leakage

Gas can leak through if your system is not connected correctly. Gases such as lethal carbon monoxide might leak through and circulate throughout your home. This odorless and colorless gas can cause you to lose consciousness and even kill your family and pets.


Electrical Problems

Another worrying issue brought upon by improper furnace installation is due to wiring. A bad wiring job can result in a circuit breaker that keeps tripping, power drainage, and an increased fire risk. It is also likely to affect your system efficiency negatively, so you’ll end up paying more when it comes to your monthly home heating bills.

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A furnace that isn’t appropriately installed means it has to work harder to keep up with your home heating needs. Unfortunately, your furnace might still not be able to achieve this, and you’ll end up with an uncomfortable indoor environment.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

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A poorly-designed drain system can cause water to leak and damage your home. Water build-up promotes mold and mildew growth, as well. In turn, your indoor air quality suffers from improper HVAC installation.

Uneven Air Distribution

If ductwork is included in the installation process and is not done properly, you’ll have air distribution problems. The issue is typically when the unit’s output capacity does not match the duct size. Therefore, you’ll end up with uneven indoor temperatures and an inefficient system. You’ll also have to deal with hot and cold spots around your home.

Problems With Vents

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The vents might not have been installed properly as well. This happens if the vent pipes are incorrectly sized or it is made of the wrong material. It might also be that the HVAC equipment wasn’t vented properly at the onset. Therefore, you are likely to experience HVAC problems.

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Selecting The Best HVAC Furnace Installation Company

certified hvac contractorA certified, trustworthy, and licensed HVAC company will ensure that your furnace is installed properly. However, there are a few things to check before you call your local furnace company:

HVAC Industry Certifications & NATE

NATE stands for the North American Technician Excellence. It is a certification given to technicians who have passed the organization’s industry-standard exams. It is proof that they have the knowledge and competence to conduct installation and/or service in the HVAC industry. Having these certifications ensures that the company you hire is reliable and has extensive knowledge to do the job well.

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Licensed and Bonded HVAC Contractors

A licensed technician means that they have undergone the necessary training to ensure that they can do the tasks needed. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your system is in reliable hands. Make sure that they offer a contractor license bond as well. This is a kind of insurance that protects both the technician and clients if problems arise later on.


HVAC Contractor References

Always ask for references before you hire an HVAC installation company. A company that conducts prompt and accurate services should have no issue providing these to you. Their clients will also have no problems recommending the company for their services.

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HVAC companies help ensure that your home remains warm and comfortable during the cold winter season. A surefire way to achieve this is to make sure that your furnace is properly installed. This includes finding the right size for your home to receive home comfort and safety and system efficiency for a long time.

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