6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

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For a furnace to function properly, it needs electricity. If the circuit breaker is tripped somehow, the heating system can stop working and your house will not be warm during those harsh winter months. If the circuit breaker trips because of a power surge, resetting the heating unit should fix the issue. However, if the furnace trips circuit breaker constantly, resetting the unit will not be enough to fix the issue. You might be faced with a problem that is potentially dangerous, which requires an HVAC expert to get to the root of the problem. After figuring out the problem, the expert will also give you a lasting solution to your problem.

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Why Is Electricity So Important For My Furnace To Begin With?

Furnaces mainly run on fuel, but there are a couple of parts which need electrical power. If the power is cut off, the unit will not function correctly. In order to operate optimally, the unit must have a constant supply of electricity.

Blower Motor

image of a circuit breaker that controls furnace

Every furnace type comes with a blower motor that is powered by electricity. The main function of the motor is to circulate warm air throughout your home. If the power supply is cut off for some reason, the motor will stop working, causing the warm air to stay close to the unit instead of spreading throughout the house.

Furnace Electronic Ignition

If you have an older furnace, it most likely uses a pilot light for ignition purposes. Modern units do not use pilot lights anymore. Instead, they use an electronic ignition system. The modern types are more dependable when compared with older models. However, they depend largely on electricity from the grid. As long as there is no power, the furnace cannot be switched on.

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6 Likely Reasons Why Your Furnace Continues To Trip Your Circuit Breaker

If your breaker continues to trip, something is definitely wrong. As mentioned above, resetting will not do any good. It is necessary to figure out the main cause of the issue in order to handle it. The breaker might be tripping because of the following reasons:

1. A Blocked HVAC Air Filter

If your air filter is clogged up because of dust, dirt, and other particulates, it is forced to work extra hard in order to generate heat, affecting its efficiency. Because of the particulates, the air is not able to flow freely. This causes the system to use more power in order to generate enough warm air. When the system works too hard, it can cause a circuit overload which can trip the breaker. Examine the HVAC filters monthly and install new ones if they need to be replaced.


2. Blocked Air Vents Or Registers

image of a blocked hvac air vent

You can experience a similar issue if the registers or air vents are blocked. The furnace will also be forced to use more power just to warm up your house. Check if the vents are blocked in any way by things such as furniture. By removing the blockages, air will begin to flow normally.

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3. Something Is Wrong With Your Furnace Motor

It could also be that your furnace motor is damaged. Maybe you have had your furnace for quite a long time now, and the wiring is now worn down. A faulty motor can cause shorts and other problems which can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Make sure that you contact a professional HVAC technician to change the motor immediately. This issue can be avoided my regularly servicing your heating unit.

4. Leaking Ductwork

hvac air ducts

As long as there is a leak in the ductwork, the system will not function efficiently. This is because some of the heated air will escape, forcing the system to work more than usual in order to replace the lost air. This can also trip the breaker.

5. You Need To Fix Your Electric Panel

It could be that the reason for your problem is a faulty electric panel. Meaning, your furnace really isn’t the issue. If a faulty panel is a problem, call a professional to fix the problem immediately.

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6. Your Shared Circuit Is Overloaded

If you are sharing your furnace circuit with other appliances, you could be causing a circuit overload. The furnace circuit should be kept away from lights and other electrical appliances.

What To Do If Your Furnace Trips The Circuit Breaker?

1. Examine The HVAC Air Filter

image of a furnace filter replacement

Regularly examine and replace dirty filters so that air can flow freely.

2. Ensure That The Air Vents Have Proper Air Flow And Are Not Blocked

Remove anything that might be obstructing the flow of air; things such as curtains and furniture items. Make sure that the vents are always kept open in every room.

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3. Call A Professional HVAC Contractor For A Ductwork Inspection

image of an hvac ductwork inspection and repair

If you are not an experienced HVAC contractor, you will not be able to adequately handle ductwork problems. Call a professional to assist you.

4. Call An HVAC Professional To Repair Your Furnace

If you try to fix the unit yourself, you will most likely make things worse. And, you will end up paying more to fix further issues that you will have caused.



Circuit breaker problems should not be taken lightly. If there is a problem with the heating unit which is causing the breaker to trip, try to figure out the triggers. Don’t delay to get professional help as overloading can cause fires and additional dangers.

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