Five HVAC New Year’s Resolutions For 2019

hvac new year resolutionsThe beginning of the New Year is a great time to make plans to update your HVAC system or to take steps to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. In other words, your HVAC system should be incorporated into your 2019 New Year’s resolutions.

Your home’s comfort depends on the efficiency of your HVAC system and furnace. Additionally, the system’s condition affects your indoor air quality. Its efficiency also impacts how much you pay each month to heat your home.

For this reason, it is wise to make sure you give your home’s heater some attention now and then. Nevertheless, the majority of property owners confess that they often neglect their home’s cooling and heating system until problems arise.

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Five New Year’s HVAC Resolutions For 2019

If you are wondering where to begin, below are five crucial New Year’s resolutions, from investing in a new HVAC system to maintaining your current unit:

Conduct Regular Replacement Of HVAC Air Filters

Always replace your heater’s air filter on a regular basis, as this will help you avoid problems. Some issues associated with dirty filters include poor indoor air quality, increased load on your HVAC system, short cycling, and general breakdowns.

You may be surprised to discover that according to HVAC professionals, air filters should be replaced at least once a month during peak seasons. This is particularly true if you continuously run your home’s HVAC system. In autumn and spring when temperatures are usually milder, you can probably replace the filter every 90 days without incident. However, checking it on a monthly basis year-round is always a good idea.

To make sure you remember this task in the new year, change the system’s air filter on the same date each month. This will make sure your indoor air quality is maintained, and it will also help prevent unwanted breakdowns and cut your energy bills. Regular filter replacement also helps your HVAC system run more efficiently overall.

Schedule Tune-ups And Appointments For Preventative Maintenance

HVAC serviceThinking ahead should be one of your New Year’s resolutions regarding your home heating system. For instance, to avoid having a breakdown occur when you most need the unit to run efficiently, you should make an appointment for preventative maintenance. The best time to schedule such an evaluation is just prior to winter and summer.

During an appointment of this type, the technician will complete any needed repairs, test the unit’s safety controls, lubricating all moving parts, and check fluid levels.

If you find that you need to upgrade your HVAC system in the new year, it is best to do so during the off-season. This helps ensure that you will have enough time to consider all your options, and it will also guarantee the best possible price. Additionally, it is more convenient to have a new unit installed in the off-season than it is during peak times.

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Replacing An Old And Outdated Furnace & AC

Generally speaking, the lifespan of the average cooling and heating system is approximately 15 years. This means you should replace your unit with a newer model if your current one is more than 15 years old. Over time, virtually all HVAC systems become less efficient and therefore tend to break down more often as time goes on. They may also be more expensive to operate and repair than newer, more energy-efficient models. In fact, according to the DOE, you can cut your utility costs by up to 30 percent by installing an Energy Star certified system.

Add Additional Cooling And Heating Zones

If you want to have different temperatures in different rooms of your home, hire an experienced HVAC technician to add different zones to your current system. This requires the installation of dampers into your ductwork. The technician connects the dampers to multiple electrical sensors, which allows you to set a specific temperature for every room in your home. You should also inquire about ductless cooling and heating systems. This is another way to ensure perfect comfort in every room in your dwelling. It will also help you save on your monthly heating and cooling bills, by allowing you to shut off unoccupied rooms.


Opt For An Energy-Efficient Smart Thermostat

digital thermostatUpgrading from a manual thermostat to a smart thermostat in 2019 is a great New Year’s resolution. This type of programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule for your heating and cooling cycles, which ultimately eliminates the need to adjust your thermostat settings manually.

For example, the DOE suggests setting your thermostat ten to fifteen degrees lower in the winter and five to eight degrees higher in the summer when your home is unoccupied.

By doing so, you can cut your yearly utility costs by approximately $180. Smart thermostats can be programmed to adjust your home’s temperature automatically.

Another option is to remotely control the smart thermostat via your home’s WiFi network. Such thermostats also offer energy usage data that you can review to make sure your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency.

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Use the HVAC New Year’s resolutions mentioned above to keep your system running efficiently and smoothly throughout 2019.

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