5 Telltale Signs That Your HVAC Ductwork Is Leaking

hvac ductsDuctwork is one of the most essential components of an HVAC system. It plays an important role in ensuring air circulation, conditioning, and supply. Problems with the system often occur due to leaks or holes in the ductwork.

Ductwork systems suck in air from one end, condition it, then release it out of another end. If there are leaks in the system, it will affect the quality of air that gets released into a building. Leaks affect air temperature and may even introduce pollutants. They can also decrease the performance of the HVAC system, lowering its efficiency and costing more to operate. Any leak present in the ductwork must, therefore, be checked and repaired immediately to ensure the safety and comfort of a home.

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HVAC Repair Granby CT: Signs Of Ductwork Issues To Watch Out For

Leaks can be traced to a number of causes. For one, damaged seals on the vents create small openings that leak air. For another, wear and tear due to duct connections that constantly expand and contract during the cycles of cooling and heating can often lead to leaks. Other than these, other common signs that may indicate a leak in the ductwork include:

Ductwork Leaks Cause An Increased Level Of Dust In Your Home

dusty homeThe presence of too much dust in your home may be caused by two things: insufficient cleaning or a leaking ductwork system. The ductwork may have been damaged, broken, leaking, or collapsed. When the ductwork is damaged, dust from different areas of the building is drawn into the ducts and released throughout the building. This will distribute dust and other particulates in your home, which would probably explain why it is dusty. Should this happen, avoid trying to fix the system yourself. Call a competent HVAC technician to check and repair the ductwork safely and competently.

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Do You Have Higher Power Bills Than Normal?

You could probably blame the increase in your power bills on a number of culprits, such as older HVAC systems. Outdated systems are notorious for consuming more energy than necessary because they will try to compensate for any inefficiencies. Another reason why your electricity bill is off the roof is a leaky ductwork system. If the air ducts leak air to the crawlspace or attic of your home, it will cause the HVAC system to work harder just to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. When this happens, you will actually be paying for electricity that you are not using. If you want to lower your power cost, have your system inspected by a licensed HVAC technician.

Your Granby Home Has Poor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important for your health. However, if it is poor, your HVAC system may not be working correctly. When this happens, you might notice that the temperature does not match the setting on the thermostat and that impurities are present in the home. These are signs that there may be a leak in the ductwork. For example, this happens when air that goes through ductwork that passes the basement area may mix with particulates from that area. These particulates may include cleaning detergents, pesticides, and harmful chemicals. Impurities such as these will not only contaminate indoor air, they could also affect the health of the residents.

Decreased Level Of Comfort In Your House

adjusting thermostatA leaky HVAC system makes it difficult to maintain the proper temperature indoors. A damaged system will simply leak conditioned air outdoors, significantly lowering the level of comfort inside your home. If this is a problem with your system, call a competent and experienced HVAC contractor to identify and fix the problem.

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Be Aware Of Hazardous Backdrafting

Vented appliances such as furnaces, clothes dryers, and water heaters produce toxic fumes that can have a significant impact on health. In ductwork systems that function correctly, there should be no problems in the elimination of these fumes because the system can simply take the fumes and expel them outside. Leaking ductwork presents a problem, since the toxic fumes may not be eliminated properly. Once they mix with the conditioned air, they may even be released indoors. This situation causes a pungent odor or an unusual smell. If you notice these symptoms and there does not seem to be an explanation for them, it may be your leaking ducts. To keep your home safe, call a trusted HVAC contractor right away so your system will be checked and the problems identified correctly.


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