What You Need To Know About Carbon Monoxide & Your Heating System

CO leak and furnace repairWhen the weather starts to grow cold, like most homeowners, you will want to turn your heating system on to keep your home comfortable. As long as your house starts to get warm after you turn on your heater, then everything is fine.

Most people tend to take their heating systems for granted. You expect it will always operate safely and work properly.

Unfortunately, all heating systems have certain dangers associated with them. Improper ventilation can cause carbon monoxide leaks. This gas is colorless and odorless and may be fatal to anyone who gets exposed to it for an extended period.

Below, we will be discussing some of the most common things that cause carbon monoxide leaks. We will also be teaching you a couple of tips to help prevent leaks from occurring in your home. It is critical that you are aware of carbon monoxide risks, particularly during the winter.

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Furnace Repair Suffield CT: Carbon Monoxide Effects From Your Furnace

headacheAlthough many people are aware that carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas, not everyone knows how harmful it is.

Each year, in the United States, around 20,000 individuals wind up in the emergency room due to carbon monoxide exposure. About 400 of those people end up dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a sad fact that with the proper precautions many of those deaths are preventable.

There are no early symptoms which is what makes carbon monoxide so dangerous. This gas has no taste, no color, and no odor. This reason is why it is known as “the silent killer”. A majority of people do not even realize they have been exposed to carbon monoxide until it is too late.

Whenever an individual notices a leak in their house, they should immediately go to the emergency room.

How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks In Your Heating System

HVAC contractor performing a furnace repairIf you take the proper precautions, you can avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Scheduling boiler or furnace maintenance each year is the best method for preventing a leak. When you schedule a system tune-up, any potential problems can be detected early. This inspection also can reduce the chances of any carbon monoxide leaks occurring.

Carbon monoxide leaks may arise inside of a heating system when any of the following things happen:

  • If the combustion process is not functioning correctly.
  • If the system has a compromised exhaust piping
  • The combustion chamber has a crack

It is more likely that older systems will develop a leak compared to newer systems since wear and tear occur over time.

Schedule A Tune-Up

Schedule A Tune-Up To Improve The Operation Of Your Furnace

During a heating system check and tune-up, the HVAC contractor can detect and repair any minor issues before they turn into serious problems. Tune-ups do not take a long time. If there are any problems, they can take care of them before a carbon monoxide leak arises. Also, it gives you a chance to repair an issue before it escalates. With this kind of machinery, the larger the repair, the more it will cost. A tune-up not only ensures your safety, but it also will ensure that your furnace runs efficiently and adequately all winter long.

Be Safe & Install CO Detectors In Your Home

carbon monoxide detectorOther things need to be done to ensure everyone’s safety in your home besides giving your heating system a tune-up. There should also be carbon monoxide detectors installed in your house. If you do have them installed, you should ensure that they are functioning correctly. This aspect is especially important for people living in a cold climate where heat needs is used more frequently.

If a leak develops, you will be alerted by the carbon monoxide detector. If there are small traces in your home, it could be deadly if you end up being exposed to it for an extended period. To avoid this situation, you should have multiple detectors installed in your house. There should be at one of them on each floor of your house and one next to the heating system. They are not very expensive, so there is no good reason not to install them in your home.

If one of the detectors in your house alerts you that there is a carbon monoxide leak, then you should immediately leave your home. Then call 911. The source of the leak will need to be found by first responders and everyone will need to be checked by EMTs to ensure they have not become ill from carbon monoxide exposure.

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Your heating system works very hard all winter long. However, when one of these systems is used, you are at risk of carbon monoxide leaks arising, especially if the system has not been maintained properly. Having a tune-up scheduled for your heating system is not expensive, but can keep you and your family members healthy.

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