How To Solve Unevenly Cooled Areas In Your Home

hvac repairHome, sweet home. The only place where you get to relax and be yourself. How efficient your air conditioning unit can refresh your house during the summer often influences your relaxation experience and your mood.

When you experience acute temperature differences in different areas of your home, you might wonder why.

Air Conditioner Repair East Windsor CT: Causes  Of Temperature Imbalances In Your Home

Today we will talk about some of the possible explanations for temperature imbalances. We will also explain what to do to solve this issue.

The HVAC unit is responsible for keeping your home comfy and cool when it is hot outside. When your home has uneven temperatures, you’d better call your trusted HVAC service provider. Before calling, however, here are some other things to consider.

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Check HVAC Air Filters And Air Vents

First of all, you need to remember if you changed the furniture arrangement in your house. It is important to keep air vents unobstructed by any obstacles, including furniture. This is essential to ensure the cool air can move around the room with ease. Also, windows and doors must be properly sealed to avoid losing cool air. Make sure that your home has the proper amount of insulation as well.

Another thing you can check out is how clean the air vents are. Dirt, dust, and debris may partially or totally block some of them. Keeping the air pathways clean and open is also essential and simple to do. Dirty HVAC air filters can also affect your air conditioning unit’s capability for cooling your home. Also, obstructed air filters will cause your HVAC to work harder than necessary, which will spike electricity bills unnecessarily. Another money drain in this equation is the likely possibility of premature wear and tear of the parts of the air conditioning system. This problem leads to the need of unnecessary air conditioner repairs and even premature AC unit replacements.


Schedule An Inspection And Cleaning Of Your Home Air Ducts

hvac ductsIn theory, the cool air should travel through the ductwork in your home and reach each of the rooms. In practice, when the ducts have leaks or are simply dirty, that leads to uneven indoor temperatures throughout the house. Air ducts need regular cleaning performed by pros.

Also, promoting regular ductwork inspection helps to identify air leaks that need sealing. The ducts should be insulated as well, to avoid such leaks.

When you perform regular maintenance in your home’s ductwork, you can expect uniform indoor temperatures with energy efficiency. You will certainly notice an improvement in indoor air quality as well.

Does Your HVAC Unit Size Match Your Home’s Needs?

This mistake is seen all too often. Homeowners believe they need bigger HVAC systems to have a house that is properly cooled. It is not all times that bigger is better. If the HVAC system is too big for a home, then it will not cycle completely, and the house will still be unevenly cooled.

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Cooling Is Affected By Home Extensions

air conditioner technicianWhat will probably cause the need for a bigger HVAC unit is an extension project in your house. A new addition to your home creates an additional space that needs to be cooled. If you have added a room or increased the habitable space inside your home, your best bet is to call a reliable HVAC service provider. If you are still under construction, remember you can take the opportunity to invest in energy-efficient windows and doors for the newly-built section.

Do You Need A Replacement For Your Old AC Unit?

It might simply be the case that your system is approaching the end of its useful lifespan and needs a replacement. The simplest way to find out if this is your case is to identify the rooms that are being adequately cooled. Determine the ones that are having cooling issues.

One of the signs that your HVAC system is too old is the lack of power to maintain air pressure. In this case, the rooms closer to the system are well cooled, while the areas further away from it will not be as efficiently cooled. This symptom is also the signal of your HVAC unit not being as big as needed for your home.

Improve HVAC Performance By Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Servicing your HVAC regularly ensures that your air conditioning unit is always well maintained, offering optimal performance. These inspections and tune-ups also help technicians to identify the areas that may need attention. For example, another common reason for uneven cooling indoors is low levels of refrigerant. This is simple to avoid with regular HVAC maintenance and fast to fix when addressed immediately.

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