Why You Should Leave HVAC Maintenance To The Professionals

HVAC contractorA lot of people devote their weekends to household maintenance to save a bit of money. If you are one of these DIY enthusiasts, then you might have considered tinkering with the cooling and heating system to lower your expenses.

It does seem like a logical progression if you have already fixed other appliances around the house. However, this is not recommended by HVAC experts as untrained hands may cause more harm than good.

DIY Versus Professional HVAC Maintenance Broad Brook CT

It is essential to know why an experienced HVAC technician remains the overwhelming choice when it comes to heating and cooling equipment repair and maintenance. This article will go through the simple tasks that homeowners may handle, as well as the complex tasks that should be given to the skilled pros.

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Easy HVAC Maintenance Tasks For Homeowners

Filter Changes

dirty HVAC filterThe most elementary task is the changing of the air filters. This should be performed regularly, as indicated in the owner’s manual.

Layers of dirt build up on the surface over time and prevent the HVAC system from functioning with optimal efficiency. The likelihood of breakdowns increases while the service life decreases.

This should also be a concern because of the negative effect on indoor air quality. Manufacturers typically recommend filter replacement every two months or so. However, every home is different. Therefore, check your filter monthly and replace it when necessary.

System Cleaning

HVAC systems should be kept in clean environments. Homeowners can certainly clean up the surrounding area around the equipment by themselves. The goal is to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that can get inside while improving airflow. Sealing doors and windows is another vital task for those who wish to lower their energy expenses. Once you have completed all of these, you can leave the rest to the pros.

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Why It Is More Economical To Hire A Professional HVAC Company

HVAC consultationIt may seem counter-intuitive, but you can save more money by paying an HVAC technician to do the complex work. They should visit at least two times per year.

The first is to get the AC ready for summer and the second is to get the furnace primed for winter. If no additional work is required, then HVAC maintenance visits should last about an hour.

HVAC pros will perform a comprehensive inspection of the entire HVAC system. They will test various parts to confirm proper operation. Several components need to undergo an examination.

In a cooling system, technicians will:

  • gauge the blower motor
  • calibrate the thermostat
  • inspect the bearings
  • clean the coils
  • test the refrigerant pressure
  • unclog the condensate drain
  • ensure proper AC operation

The heating system will go through a similar process. Technicians will:

  • adjust the fan belts
  • check the circuits
  • test for carbon monoxide
  • gauge the return/supply differential
  • ensure safe operation for the exhaust system
  • clean up the burners and heat exchangers for greater efficiency

So why should a licensed HVAC contractor do this type of work? Mainly because they have received the training necessary to perform these tasks quickly and properly. They also possess all of the equipment required for the job. They go through rigorous certification and continuing education to enhance their knowledge of the newest systems and methods.

Thanks to their experience, they can work faster and get better results than untrained individuals. Regular homeowners can attempt to inspect the system themselves, but they could miss vital signs of damage.

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About The Safety Of HVAC Equipment

Maintenance is one thing; HVAC repairs and installations are another. These are even more complicated processes that require skilled hands. Remember, cooling systems involve refrigerants and electronic circuits. If you get things wrong, then you may end up causing an accidental fire.

Heating systems are even more dangerous. Those that use fossil fuels need to be handled carefully since these materials are combustible. Explosions can lead to death or serious injuries. Carbon monoxide poisoning is also possible in HVAC systems that were installed incorrectly. Ultimately, it is much better to spend a bit of money rather than risk the wellbeing of your family.



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