What’s The Best Heating Oil Tank Size For My Home?

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There’s no doubt that most heating oil tanks are built tough and designed to last, but nothing will last forever. If your heating oil tank is showing signs that it’s time for a replacement, whether it’s due to wear and tear over the years or your needs have changed in regard to the heating oil tank size you need, there are some things that you’ll need to take into consideration. The first thing is the oil tank size will be determined by how big of an area you need to heat.

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Fuel Oil Tank: What Size Do I Need?

The following offers an overview of things that should be considered when choosing the best heating oil tank size to get.

Sizing Options For Fuel Oil Tanks

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Start by finding out what size your current fuel oil tank is. This will be helpful information when choosing how big of an oil tank you’ll need.

There are two different sets of numbers that are important when looking at sizes for a heating oil tank:

  • The tank’s overall dimensions: height, depth, and width
  • The capacity or number of gallons the tank can hold

If the tank you are replacing is a newer model, you’ll usually find the capacity listed on the nameplate. With an older tank, you might have to use its dimensions to make a calculated estimate of capacity.

Standard above-ground residential oil tanks (like those found in a basement or back yard) will generally have a 275 gallon capacity with either a horizontal or vertical orientation. These oil storage tanks usually have dimensions of 44″ high x 60″ wide x 27″ deep. However, heating oil tanks are available in a variety of different sizes, having capacities of :

  • 288 gallons
  • 340 gallons
  • 420 gallons
  • 518 gallons
  • 550 gallons
  • 555 gallons
  • 675 gallons

Some oil tanks that are installed below ground can have capacities that are significantly larger.

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What Size Oil Tank Is Best For Your Home?

granby steel oil tankWhen you’re having a new oil furnace or boiler system installed, a good rule of thumb is that a home with one or two bedrooms will generally need a heating oil tank with a capacity of 275 gallons whereas a three or four-bedroom home will typically need a tank with a capacity of 300 to 500 gallons. If your home is larger, you can multiply the number of bedrooms in your home by these estimates.

Of course, there are other factors that will need to be considered. For example, some homes don’t have the space for a larger oil tank and placing the tank outside might be subject to local ordinances.

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Consider Your Typical Fuel Oil Usage

It’s important to consider your typical consumption habits. Additionally, if your plans include adding to your family, you might want a tank with more capacity than you currently use. However, if your family members are older or you’re thinking of retiring soon, you might see an increase in your heating oil needs as you spend more time enjoying being at home.

Another consideration is preparing for emergencies. If the area where you live often experiences very cold weather or snowstorms, this can cause delays in getting your tank refilled; you might want to consider a slightly larger tank to provide a bit of a safety buffer.


Have Your Fuel Oil Tank Professionally Installed

Once you have a good idea of the heating oil needs of your family and you’ve picked a tank size that will meet these needs, your next step should be to contact a qualified provider of heating oil tanks to have your new tank installed professionally. A certified provider will also be able to ensure that you’ve made a good choice in the size of tank to meet your home’s needs.

An experienced installer will ensure that the tank is located in the best position, that it’s secured properly to the foundation, and that it’s easy to access. This is important and can help prevent dangerous oil leaks. A professional fuel tank installer will also ensure the tank is not subjected to conditions, such as dropping temperatures which can lead to your heating system freezing. A company that offers professional installation of oil tanks will use standard industry protocols that take various risks into account.

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