How To Lower Your Oil Bill This Winter

home energy costsLike most people, you’ll turn up the heat as the mercury falls outdoors. However, you may find that keeping your home heated appropriately is a challenge if you do not want your energy bills to soar. Additionally, the more fuel oil you use, the bigger your carbon footprint is on the environment.

Fortunately, there are tips available to minimize these issues.

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Top Tips On How To Reduce Your Oil Heating Expenses

It is vital to your comfort and safety to have a home that is warm throughout winter. Because heating your home makes up a substantial percentage of your energy bill in the winter, it is essential to find ways to decrease this cost without compromising your comfort. Below are some methods you can use to accomplish this goal:

Reduce Energy Costs By Making Your Home Winter-Ready

home heating solutionsOne thing that all homeowners can anticipate is the change of seasons, the latter which everyone expects to occur on a regular basis. However, it is also a signpost that you need to pay attention to home maintenance and heating costs. This year, make your home winter-ready to help save on your home heating oil costs. A home that is prepared for the winter is more energy-efficient, using less energy while keeping more money in the bank.

Have You Conducted An Energy Audit For Your Home?

Before the arrival of winter, it is wise to get your home ready for colder temperatures. One crucial task involved in this activity is conducting a home energy audit. An energy audit will help you to identify the gaps and spots that can cause the loss of heat from your home. When you can identify these areas, you can insulate windows, doors and caulk any problem spots. It is also a good idea to insulate pipes to avoid emergencies when temperatures drop below freezing.

Air Leaks: Locate & Seal

You should seek practical and simple solutions to minimize heat loss during winter. These include removing or closing air conditioning vents, and shutting fireplace dampers and kitchen vents when they are not in use. Attics, basements and exterior walls should be insulated appropriately as well. Doing so will make sure that your home does not lose heat through these areas.

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Use Natural Heat To Reduce Your Heating Costs

The sun can help even during winter, as there are ways to allow it to heat your home. For example, keep curtains closed at night to act as a buffer between the cold glass and your dwelling. Likewise, keep them open during the day so that natural sunlight floods the home and, subsequently, heats it. Additionally, do not put any obstructions, such as furniture, in front of or on top of the air vents. Any blockages will hamper air circulation and block the heat.

Order Your Fuel Oil Wisely

home fuel oil delivery serviceThe cost of heating oil is volatile like all heating fuels. Consequently, the price of heating oil typically rises during colder seasons when there is a higher demand. There are numerous ways to bring this bill back down, however.

An effective and easy way to do this is to fill your tank in summer when the cost is lower due to lower demand. Get in touch with the company that provides your heating oil to check on prices and compare their quotes with that of their competitors. It is also wise to inquire about budget plans that include the option for automatic delivery. You may also be able to spread your heating oil cost over the entire year by enrolling in a program that works for you and your budgetary needs.

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Thermostat Tips For Saving Money On Home Heating

Your overall heating bill can be reduced by approximately three percent simply by lowering your thermostat by several degrees throughout the night and when you are not home. You may decide to switch out a manual thermostat for a programmable one as well. You can schedule this type of thermostat to go up and down automatically according to your schedule. Ultimately, it regulates the temperature in your home and lowers your heating bill.

Improve Energy Efficiency By Having Your HVAC System Serviced

furnace technicianYou should schedule an annual tune-up of your furnace and all its working parts on a regular basis. However, it is best to plan this yearly evaluation before winter begins. The Energy Communications Council– ECC– reports that an annual service call is the best way to make sure your heating system performs appropriately throughout winter, thus keeping your heating bills at a reasonable level.

Similar to maintaining an automobile, your HVAC system will perform at an optimum level if you provide it with regular maintenance. An annual tune-up guarantees that all the heating oil is used efficiently by the unit.

You may wish to consider a newer, more efficient system if your furnace or boiler is over 20 years old. Installing a new unit will not only create a more comfortable home, but it will also lower your heating oil costs. Additionally, newer furnaces are better for the environment than older models, as a new model will decrease your carbon footprint. Contemporary systems will typically save you between 15 and 25% on your energy bill. Fortunately, this means that the new system will pay for itself within a few years.

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