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Home Heating Oil Delivery To Enfield CT and All Surrounding Areas

Miller Oil Company delivers high-quality fuel oil to homes and businesses throughout our service area in Connecticut. Miller Oil Company is a family owned and operated full-service fuel oil company. We have been in business in the Enfield area for over 60 years and we pride ourselves on delivering quality products to our customers.

Have peace of mind knowing that your oil delivery will be made on time and without interruption with our Automatic Oil Delivery service. We also offer:

  • Emergency Delivery
  • Full-Service Delivery Options
  • Budget Fuel Plans are available

Learn How To Save More Money On Your Oil Delivery

We offer a .20¢ discount per gallon when you prepay for your fuel oil deliveries or pay the delivery driver at the time that your heating oil is delivered to your home. This applies for cash or check payments made on-site, on the day of delivery.

Heating Oil Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between automatic oil delivery and will-call oil orders? Customers on automatic will delivery receive their heating oil without having to call our office every month. We have sophisticated software to determine exactly when your oil tank is running low on fuel. Our drivers show up to your home to refill your oil tank automatically. Conversely, COD oil delivery (will-call oil orders) require the homeowner to place their orders at the time that they need oil. There is risk with this method of the home are running out of oil before their next delivery.

What happens if I run out of oil? If you are not on an automatic oil delivery contract and you run out of oil, you need to order in emergency oil delivery immediately. In many cases, a prime and start service will also be needed. This is required to get your heating system started. Our technicians will clean out your oil burner and ensure that the heater is working smoothly again. Of course, you can avoid this situation completely by becoming an automatic will delivery customer.

If I manage my own oil ordering, how quickly can I receive a delivery after ordering? Most days, if you call before 9 am. Although if there are weather situations or we are experiencing extreme cold, best to plan ahead. Check your tanks regularly, when your tank is approaching ¼ of a tank that is when you should place your order. If we are experiencing extremely cold temperatures please plan accordingly.


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