Easy Home Heating Tips For The Holidays

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During the holidays, everyone has the opportunity to meet and get caught up. If you plan on hosting a party this year, then creating a cozy environment that encourages relaxation and conversation is important. Scrumptious food and eye-catching decorations are definitely welcome. Remember to keep your house warm too. Even though the outside temperatures are freezing, you can still keep it toasty indoors with the use of your home heating system and adequate preparation. Take advantage of the following holiday heating tips so that your home is the ideal winter respite.

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Stay Warm with These Holiday Heating Tips

1. Seal off Gaps and Other Air Leaks

sealing window leaks

All of the hard work that your heating system does will go to waste if the warm air in your home is seeping out through gaps and other leaks. Perform a thorough inspection of all walls, windows, and exterior doors. If there are any cracks or holes, these should be sealed up immediately using weatherstripping or caulking. You can also have a professional perform a more comprehensive search using advanced techniques. This will boost the energy efficiency of your entire home significantly and help you save money with lower heating bills.

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2. Swap Out Your HVAC Filters

changing hvac air filter

The air filter in your furnace helps protect this equipment from debris like dust and dirt. These filters ensure smooth furnace operation in distributing warm air throughout the building. However, all air filters have a finite lifespan and then tend to get dirty and clogged after continued use. If you haven’t changed the air filters in your furnace for quite some time, doing so now is a good idea. Check the surface for signs of built-up dirt because this will impede airflow. Putting fresh filters in will optimize furnace performance while improving indoor air quality.

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3. Have a Programmable Thermostat Put In

The requirements for indoor temperatures are constantly changing throughout the day based upon the number of people indoors, the activities that they’re engaging in, the outside temperatures, and more. Many people manually adjust their thermostats as necessary. Others rely on a programmable thermostat. These are able to auto-adjust temperature settings based upon various factors such as the time of the day. They are more consistent and reliable than manual thermostats. Homeowners don’t have to worry about making adjustments and can instead focus on mingling with their guests and preparing food and beverages.

4. Set Up an HVAC Service Appointment

image of an hvac contractor performing a furnace tune-up

Get your HVAC system primed for the demands of winter. Set up an appointment with a trusted HVAC service in your area for HVAC system maintenance. They can thoroughly inspect your furnace, the vents, and the air ducts. They have trained eyes that will help them find developing issues and resolve them before they turn into something much larger. They can expertly clean the entire system and get rid of any nearby hazards. Routine maintenance can prevent expensive repairs. It will also keep the entire system running efficiently. Scheduling a heater tune-up will increase your home comfort while lowering your energy bills.

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5. Choose a Tankless Water Heater

You may have guests that remain in your home for a few days or more during the holidays. For example, you might have family members coming in from another country or state. You should make sure that you have enough hot water for everyone to take a nice hot shower. Sudden increases in hot water demand could overwhelm the equipment that you currently own. Think about switching to a tankless water heater so that your hot water supply is uninterrupted even when demand rises.

6. Have Your HVAC System Zoned

Long-term houseguests will additionally require warm, comfortable rooms. Is your HVAC system able to distribute warm air throughout the entire home uniformly? Are there certain areas of your house that are consistently colder than others? Are you looking for improved temperature control for meeting the needs of individual occupants? These are all things that you can accomplish by having an HVAC technician set up a zoning system. Talk with a contractor in your area about having your home zoned for HVAC so that you can establish a feasible budget and complete this transition before your holiday guests show up.

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7. Inspect the Air Vents

Is your home suddenly much colder? If you have recently rearranged your furnishings, you may have one or more blocked vents. Maybe there’s a cabinet, chair, sofa or table blocking air delivery. This is an oversight that can keep warm air from entering various rooms. Make sure that there is sufficient clearance between your furnishings and any walls that have HVAC vents and then check for a difference in indoor temperatures. This is a simple and easy way to solve an incredibly common issue.

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8. Be Careful When Using Space Heaters

If you’ve checked all the vents in your home already and there are still rooms that are much colder than others, you might consider using space heaters. These are able to instantly warm-up rooms. However, you have to be careful when using space heaters as they draw a substantial amount of power. These units are also known fire hazards so be sure to keep them away from flammable items. For assured safety, space heaters should never be left unattended. You will need to shut these off before exiting a room or leaving the house.


9. Set Your Ceiling Fans to Spin in Reverse

image of ceiling fan depicting ceiling fan direction in winter

Cold air sinks and warm air rises. This is a useful phenomenon during late spring and summer when building residents are looking to cool down. However, it’s a bit of a problem during the cold season. One way to make up for it is by strategically using your ceiling fans to force warmer air closer to the ground. You can do this by setting them to spin clockwise. This is much cheaper and far more environmentally friendly than simply cranking your thermostat up.

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Creating a warm living environment for the holidays can be both easy and economical. The strategies shared above are all simple. Take advantage of the tips that are most suitable for your needs and living environment. Professional help from local HVAC companies is also available. Also, if you have your fuel delivered, be sure to schedule a fuel delivery when your tank is about 30% full. This way, you won’t run out while having guests at home. With diligent preparation, you can host memorable and enjoyable holiday events that make an excellent and lasting impression on your guests.

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