What Happens When You Skip Furnace Tune-Ups?

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All types of machines need to undergo regular maintenance to keep them performing well. The furnace is one of these machines. According to HVAC experts, furnaces must undergo annual checkups by HVAC technicians without fail. This will ensure that they remain reliable. Although most homeowners know this, there are those who fail to meet the requirement year after year. A few homeowners simply forget to schedule a furnace tune-up while others skip the maintenance checkup on purpose. They think that the heating system is working anyway and that they could probably save money.  What many homeowners do not realize is that neglecting annual furnace maintenance leads to issues and these could cause comfort and safety problems at home.

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So What If I Skip the Annual Furnace Maintenance?

You may not realize it now but there are consequences when you skip the annual furnace checkup.

Failure in Early Resolution to Furnace Problems

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An untrained eye will likely fail to observe any issues with the furnace but an HVAC  professional can quickly spot issues. A professional furnace technician can see signs of trouble that the casual observer will miss because they are trained to do this and have experience on the job. With early diagnosis, the technician can provide early treatment to prevent more serious (and costlier) damage. When furnace problems are caught early, the treatment is not only quick and easy but is also cheap. In some cases, the technician merely has to clean the interior of the furnace, fix any frayed wires, and replace the filters to solve existing issues. With regular furnace maintenance, you can avoid serious breakdowns and costly repairs.

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Furnace Breakdowns

The most common cause of furnace breakdowns is wear and tear. When the system has reached a point where the components are too worn down, the furnace will no longer work efficiently. Also,  it will begin to fail in generating heat sufficient for the comfort needs of the home. Damaged components have to be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid the dreaded domino effect on other components. If the damage worsens, it will significantly reduce the lifespan of the system. Furnaces can last from 10-15 years. However, neglect can drastically shorten its usable life, prompting a full replacement prematurely.

Increase in Home Heating Costs

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The absence of annual HVAC maintenance will make it increasingly difficult for the furnace system to generate enough heat to create a comfortable environment at home. The furnace will also have to work harder just to reach and maintain the desired temperatures. When the furnace works harder, it will consume more energy. As a result, your monthly utility bills are going to go up. If you decide to save money by avoiding furnace maintenance, you will eventually pay more because your heating costs at home will be higher. You may not notice it right away but in some cases, the increase is sudden. By investing in an annual furnace maintenance service, you can avoid this unnecessary cost.

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Increased Fire Risks

If a heating system malfunctions, it could increase the risk of a fire. Furnaces that produce a spark can be rare but there is still that possibility that a problem with the system could lead to a spark. Frayed wires, for example, is a common cause. With regular maintenance, an HVAC technician can visually check all the wires to identify problems early on. That way, you can use your heating system confidently, knowing that it can provide you comfort without safety issues.

Indoor Air Quality

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Air inside the heating system comes with impurities such as dirt, pollen, dust, mold spores, human and pet dander, and bacteria, among others. The system has air filters that trap these particulates and prevent them from mixing with breathable indoor air. If the filters become clogged, they will be less effective at keeping the air purified. As a result, impurities will remain in the air and could cause health issues such as respiratory problems and allergies. Impurities can also land on the components of the heating system and reduce its efficiency.

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Lower Comfort Levels

When the heating system is new, it can provide even heating throughout the home. Wherever you may stay indoors, you know you are comfortable even during the coldest winter. Over time, however, the system will start to decline and you will notice there will be certain areas in your home that tend to feel warmer than others. This is usually caused by an aging system, although you might also have blocked vents throughout your home. With regular maintenance, you can prevent this from happening because the HVAC technician will keep the vent system clean and clear. Any leaks will also be fixed so the airflow inside your home is just perfect.

Furnace Warranty

hvac warrantyYour furnace is covered by a warranty which helps you avoid spending out-of-pocket for repairs. Warranties are actually agreements with the manufacturer that ensure your compliance to their requirements in the use of their equipment. In exchange, they will cover your expenses if the furnace breaks down within the covered period. However, the warranty only holds as long as you meet the requirements of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers specify that homeowners should ensure regular maintenance of their furnace system by a professional technician. If the homeowner fails, the manufacturer could void the warranty. So if you want to keep the warranty active, make sure to have your heating system checked regularly, use it responsibly, and keep all maintenance records and documents for reference.

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When Should I Schedule a Furnace Maintenance Checkup?

The best time to have your furnace maintenance checkup scheduled is in fall. The weather is still mild and the list for maintenance jobs is usually short. Do not wait until the cold months to call.

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