The Pros And Cons Of Ductless Heating And Cooling Systems

advantages of ductless hvac systems

It is vital to make your house a comfortable sanctuary for everyone in your family. To live well, you will need a suitable heating and cooling system. Choose the system type according to your preferences. For example, you can go for ductless mini-split instead of a window HVAC system. A ductless system is composed of two parts: an outdoor unit for the condenser and an indoor unit for the evaporator. They are connected through an electric line and refrigerant lines. This system, as its name suggests, doesn’t use any ductwork. It is becoming more and more popular in homes across the United States. In this article, we take a look at the ductless pros and cons.

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Ductless HVAC Pros

1. Ductless Offers Ease Of Installation

Homeowners will only have to think about the location of the two separate components, as guided by an HVAC contractor who can determine its most effective placement. The indoor unit usually rests high up on an exterior wall. The rest is much simpler than a conventional forced-air HVAC system installation. Ducts don’t have to run through the rest of the house. This makes the installation fast and simple. Instead of accommodating large airways, you will only need a small 3-inch hole for the electric and refrigerant lines. The walls and ceilings of the house can stay intact. You don’t need to tear through them just to set a ductless system up.

2. Higher Energy Efficiency With Ductless Mini-Splits

Ducts can extend for long distances in a big house. However, the longer the air has to travel, the bigger the inefficiency. This is not a problem that ductless systems experience. They can save on energy by reducing heat transfers, thus minimizing waste. The house can also be divided into zones wherein one area is cooled while another isn’t because of the lack of occupants. With central air, the whole house will be cooled even if there is only one person staying the whole day in his room. It’s easy to see how zoning might lower energy expenditure.

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3. Better Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality and ductless hvac

Ducts can get dusty and dirty over time, especially since they are so complex and hard to clean. Harmful microorganisms may start to multiply. The condition of the ducts will negatively affect indoor air quality. Those who have problems with their respiratory system may feel their illness get worse over time. There are ways to remedy this such as periodic professional cleaning and the use of UV lights for disinfection but these will require additional spending. With ductless mini-split systems, these measures are no longer necessary. They also come with impressive advanced filtration systems. Between the filtration system and the lack of ductwork, indoor air quality will be much better.

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4. Independent & Zoned Room Control

fujitsu general ductless hvac system

When you have central air, the entire house will be pegged at one temperature setting. This leads to many squabbles about things being too hot or too cold. People can have arguments over the thermostat setting. This problem can be completely eliminated with the use of split systems as these have an individual thermostat for each indoor unit. Occupants of each room have the power to set their ideal temperature. The controls for various zones are independent of each other. This allows the system to cater to different needs at the same time.

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5. Increased Security

Window systems require a sizeable hole to be removed from the wall in order to fit the unit. This is a security risk since the hole may be big enough for a small person to get inside. If intruders remove the unit, then they can have a clear path to the interior. While it may be possible to secure it with metal grills on the outside, this is an additional expense. Ductless systems don’t need such a big hole so they do not expose the family to this kind of danger.


6. Ductless Offer Quiet Operation

Window systems contain every part in one unit including the condenser. This can get noisy over time which may affect the quality of sleep and other quiet activities. This is not as much of an issue with split systems as the condenser is located further away from the room, outside the house. The exterior walls should block the sound and allow occupants to enjoy a restful sleep.

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Ductless Cons

1. Potentially Higher Ductless System Cost

ductless installation

No system is perfect. With mini-split systems, you would have to pay more initially to acquire and install the units as compared to simple window HVAC systems. On the other hand, you can save on duct installation compared to central air. The higher energy efficiency of these systems also makes the initial cost worth it in the long run since you won’t have to pay as much for your monthly energy bills.

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2. Visually Evident Indoor Air Handler

Window units and ductless systems are similar in being visually evident. The ductless indoor air handler can be readily seen as it is often positioned near the top of the walls. Central air systems, on the other hand, have less obtrusive vents in the walls and ceilings. However, with ductless units, it is possible to hide the indoor unit using well-designed fixtures that allow the air to pass through. There are also ceiling-mounted units that are less obvious for those concerned about aesthetics.


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Miller Oil Company LogoOn the whole, ductless mini-split systems are still predominantly highly beneficial for homeowners. Their energy efficiency, independent control, quiet operation, increased security, ease of installation, and better air quality make them worth every penny. Consult an experienced contractor to learn more about your options. Get one installed in your new home as soon as possible at a reasonable price.

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