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How Fujitsu Mini Split Ductless Heating & Cooling Systems Work

how ductless works

One of the outstanding benefits that ductless offers are specific room comfort climate control, no matter what time of the year it is. A Fujitsu Halcyon ductless system has the capability of providing heating and air conditioning. This is much different than a hydronic heating system that requires a separate air conditioning system.

Here are some of the features you get with ductless:

  • Complete Temperature Control
  • Climate Control For Each Space or Zone
  • Quiet Technology
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Cost-Savings


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Maximizing Your Total Home Comfort

A ductless HVAC system using cutting edge heating & cooling technology to provide exceptional home comfort. Fujitsu heat pumps are energy efficient. Additionally, they offer the ability to control your home with precise zone temperature controls. These systems are the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home or business.

Fujitsu offers many ductless solutions for residential and commercial properties. They are known as a world-class leader in the heating and cooling industry.

Check out a video that explains how ductless works.

What's The Difference Between Single Zone And Multi-Zones?

Single Zone

fujitsu single zone ductless

Single-zone systems heat and/or cool a single area of your home. Fujitsu ductless units are the perfect choice for new rooms, additions, basements, or any space in your home that require comfort controls.

Mini-split ductless systems are designed for homes with rooms that never seem to have a comfortable temperature for your enjoyment. This setup allows you to set any temperature you desire.

Ductless is perfect for any type of living room with high ceilings, rooms with a plethora of windows, sunrooms, or any addition to your home. Even a converted garage or attic can now provide ideal temperatures for your family's comfort. Leaving you and your family with pure comfort all year long.


fujitsu multi-zone ductless

Multi-zone systems allow for the heating and/or cooling of multiple areas in your home or business, where each area (or zone) is controlled independently of each other. Each zone has a separate thermostat.

Multi-zone systems allow the climate temperatures to be set in each room, keeping the entire family happy. Each zone has its own thermostat control. Fujitsu’s controls are easy to operate.

An added benefit of heating and cooling a house with multiple zones is the ability to control energy expenditures by each individual zone. For example, if you have a college student, you can set their bedroom temperature so the ductless unit uses less energy while they are at school for the semester.

A Fujitsu Halcyon Ductless Mini-Split System Is Up To 40% More Efficient Than Conventional Heating And Cooling Systems

A considerable amount of your energy costs are used on the heating and cooling of your home. According to the US Department Of Energy, about 22% of the energy you consume on an annual basis is to keep your home comfortable.

A Fujitsu Halcyon™ ductless system slashes up to 24% on utility expenses with its next-gen comfort technology. Mini-splits have no ductwork to lose energy on and use inverter technology to control the cooling and heating of your home. This control allows the system to reduce your energy bill because you are only heating or cooling the space as needed.

Energy Star® has rated Fujitsu mini-splits to be 2.35 times more efficient than the current government qualifications. This efficiency has earned Fujitsu ductless systems the Most Efficient rating from Energy Star®.

By choosing Fujitsu Halcyon™ Energy Star® certified heating and cooling equipment, you are enhancing the comfort of your home while saving energy.

Fujitsu ductless air conditioning unit

Money Savings For Fujitsu Ductless Systems

savings and rebates for ductless

Fujitsu Halcyon ductless systems are ENERGY STAR® qualified. These models may be eligible for federal, state, and or local utility company rebates or tax credits to help in your decision-making process. Contact us for help in identifying the best money saving options available in CT.

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