Fun Facts About Air Conditioning Systems

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We have enjoyed the benefits of air conditioning for so long that we almost always ignore it, assuming it will just work. What we do know is that it will produce cool air when needed and we only need to call the professionals if it shows a problem. The modern air conditioning system has quite a colorful history. What we have today is proof of human creativity and innovation that has allowed us to enjoy a level of comfort that was not available just 50 years ago.

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

If you have ever wondered how the air conditioning system developed, we present some air conditioning fun facts you will find interesting in this article.

Before Air Conditioning, There was Ice

image of ice depicting cooling of the pastBefore engineers came up with the prototype for the first modern AC system, they relied on ice to keep themselves cool. Egyptians filled shallow trays with water and placed them on straw beds to freeze overnight. By morning, the solid ice was used to cool their homes.

Among the wealthy ancient Greeks and Romans, ice was an important commodity. They had slaves chop up ice from nearby mountains to use in their homes. Shops were even set up to sell blocks and slivers of ice to the citizens. The ice was also used to keep bathing water cool, especially during hot weather. In winter, the ancient Iranians collected ice from the nearby mountains and kept them in containers buried underground. They built a system consisting of windcatchers that were connected to the ice containers. The windcatchers then pushed cool air indoors.

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Ancient Egyptians Did Not Have to Suffer From the Heat

Egypt is a semi-desert, so the Ancient Egyptians employed a solution that kept their homes cool. They would soak reeds in water until they became saturated, then hung the reeds over the doors and windows. A breeze that passed through the reeds, along with the evaporation of the water helped cool down their homes.

Roman Aqueducts Did Not Just Carry Water

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Long considered an engineering feat (considering the technology at the time of their construction), the Roman aqueducts provided a necessary service to different parts of the Roman Empire. The extensive network of aqueducts ran through several countries, including Spain, France, Turkey, Greece, and North Africa. Some of these structures remain to this day. The aqueducts brought fresh water from sources such as lakes or springs to populated areas. The water was used for irrigation, bathing, and drinking. Other than that, there was a system connected to Roman homes wherein water from the aqueducts flowed through the walls and helped cool down indoor spaces.

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Air Conditioning is the Reason Why We Have the Summer Blockbuster

image of movie projector depcting air conditioning and the summer blockbuster

Air conditioning also played a part in what we consider fun and entertaining. In the 1900s, theater owners needed a way to drum up ticket sales during summer when people avoided going to the movies because theaters did not have air conditioning. Theater owners decided to have AC units installed and people started coming back to the theater in droves. They did this not just to have fun at the movies but also to keep themselves cool since many of them had no air conditioning in their own homes. Theater owners maximized this opportunity further by showing only the most awaited films during summer, which paved the way for the “summer blockbuster”.

Carrier is a Pioneer in Modern Air Conditioners

The Carrier brand was founded by Willis Haviland Carrier, an engineer. He is credited as the inventor of the first AC system that used electricity. This was in 1902. Initially, Carrier designed a system that would cool down the papers for a printing company. In hot weather and high-humidity conditions, paper became susceptible to warping. This made it more difficult to apply ink during printing. Carrier’s invention helped control temperature, ventilation, air circulation, and humidity while keeping the air clean. By 1903, Carrier’s air conditioner was installed in the Stock Exchange Building in New York.


The First Air Conditioning System Designed for Residential Use Was Not Affordable

The first air conditioning systems that came out after Carrier’s invention in 1902 were designed mainly for industrial use. It took another 12 years for AC systems to be installed for use in residential homes. These units were large and bulky, with measurements that go 20’x6’x7′. As can be expected, they were also expensive, costing from $10,000-$50,000, so they could only be installed in the homes of the wealthy. In today’s dollars, the price tags for those AC units would be from $120,000 to $600,000 each.

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Summers Were Fun for Workers Until ACs Came Along

Before there was air conditioning, all schools, businesses, and offices were closed for the summer because of the high temperatures. People simply stopped school and work for a month to enjoy their summer vacation and have fun. Now, because of the availability of air conditioning, summer vacations became optional – at least, in the United States. In Europe, some areas still do not enjoy air conditioning, so workers could still go on summer vacations.

If There Were No Air Conditioning, Certain Areas in the U.S. Would Not Be Habitable

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Some states experience high temperatures. These include Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Nevada. People would likely not flock there to live without air conditioning.

Air Conditioners Made Us Less Heat-Tolerant

Scientists say that humans have a reduced natural tolerance to heat due to our access to air conditioning. This is why many people cannot stand the heat because their bodies have grown accustomed to more comfortable conditions.

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