Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

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Summer is just starting, and this is bound to bring challenges to some homes. For instance, homes with older cooling systems, window units, or no air conditioners at all will experience the scorching heat that these months bring. Those with older units are likely to pay large sums for their cooling bills. Therefore, they should consider installing a cooling system, particularly a central air conditioner. Unfortunately, many will fail to see the advantages that this type of system offers because there are many misconceptions attached to it. It is important to have air conditioning facts that hold true to make smart choices for your home.

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Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

This article includes some of the common myths that surround central air conditioners. It also contains the correct information so that these misconceptions are dispelled. This way, you can use these facts when selecting a new cooling system for your home.

Myth #1: Remodeling Is Needed For A Central Air Conditioner Installation

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Many homeowners think that central air conditioner installation is a costly endeavor because of the remodeling. Older homes might not have the network of HVAC ducts needed for this unit to work. Therefore, remodeling is necessary, and it can lead to compromising the house’s structural integrity. This can also disturb your household’s daily activities.

Although it is true that central air conditioning systems once needed heavy remodeling, this is not a requirement today. Modern air conditioner models have smaller ducts and use high-power circulators, so they are easy to fit into your home nowadays.

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Myth #2: Central Air Conditioning Is Expensive To Run

Central air conditioning systems are not expensive to operate. In reality, it consumes the same amount of energy as other air conditioner configurations with the same coverage area. This misconception is rooted in leaky ductwork.

This is typically an issue older units have because they are prone to leaky ducts. Holes and cracks develop as time passes. Unfortunately, these are not determined unless the homeowner gets their system professionally maintained regularly.

Newer air conditioning systems use mini ducts that have been improved, so they are less likely to have holes and leak. Therefore, you have a reliable cooling system that utilizes less power to operate along with low operational costs.

Myth #3: Central Air Conditioners Are Noisy

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Many people think that central air conditioners are noisy. They might have experienced it or heard the experience of a friend or a neighbor. However, this is only an issue with older models. Technological advancements have ensured that this problem is a distant memory. Newer air conditioner models do not make the constant racket ancient central air conditioners are known to have. Some systems are now equipped with soundproofing, so you can be sure to have a system that barely makes a sound, allowing you to sleep without worries.

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Myth #4: All Cooling Systems Operate The Same

Choosing a cooling system replacement should be a careful and well-thought-out process. There are significant differences between various makes and models. Some might be highly efficient, consuming less energy during the cooling process. Others might have better dehumidifying features. After all, air conditioners do more than just cool your home. They are also responsible for removing the excess water from the indoor air. This way, your home does not feel sticky and uncomfortable. It also helps ensure that the compressor doesn’t overwork, so it uses less electricity. This is beneficial to homeowners as they will have a significantly reduced energy cost.

Myth #5: AC Components Ruin Your Home’s Aesthetics

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Aesthetics is an essential part of a home. This is why many homeowners think that a central air conditioner is unacceptable. They think that it will badly affect their home’s interior design. However, central cooling systems can be made nearly invisible by a professional HVAC installer. Outlets can be maneuvered so that they hardly draw attention. This will ensure that the unit harmonizes with your interior décor while functioning as it should.

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Myth #6: Centralized HVAC Systems Cannot Be Dual Purpose

The early years of central HVAC systems mean that they can only either heat or cool a house. They cannot serve two purposes, and that homeowners need two separate systems. One is used for cooling, while the other is used for heating. This means that one system is left idle for half the year or so. Fortunately, central HVAC units can serve dual purposes nowadays. You can depend on one system for heating and cooling, making it highly convenient and easier to operate. This type of system is also cheaper and faster to install. They are also highly efficient, so you can save more in the long run.



There are prevailing myths around central air conditioners that are simply not true. Most of these are old problems that have been eliminated by innovative solutions. Learn more about the newest central air conditioning systems before you dismiss them as a cooling option for your home. Call your local, trusted HVAC company to help you.

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