5 Most Common Thermostat Problems Impacting Your Comfort


Your HVAC system should keep you comfortable year-round. You should immediately investigate if it does not work as it is supposed to. Likewise, you will need to find out why it is giving you any problems, as it could be one or more of its components that are failing. One of the most common is thermostat problems, which may be fixed through replacements or repairs, depending on the situation.

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Signs Of Thermostat Problems At Home

Let’s have a good look at how to deal with the typical symptoms of a faulty or damaged HVAC system thermostat.

Problem 1: Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature

The thermostat controls your HVAC system. It should always comply with your preferred settings as soon as possible. There is a problem if even after some time, the room still does not feel any different.

Many situations can cause this problem. For example, if it’s placed too close to a window or a door, it may be experiencing too much direct sunlight. The thermostat is affected by that direct exposure, which will, in turn, warm it up and give a false reading. Consequently, it will shut down the heater before it reaches its set temperature. It will think the whole room is hotter than it is. The opposite is also true. It will keep your air conditioner running for longer than it should, spiking up your energy costs. Always remove any heat sources near your thermostat and also block out any direct sun-rays by keeping the curtains closed at all times.

Problem 2: Thermostat Is Old

Even though thermostat units can last for a long time, maintaining it can become harder. At some point, the effectiveness will drop, as old thermostats are prone to errors. It is best to invest in a smart thermostat, especially when you start having frequent connection problems. Also, an upgrade is necessary if the old thermostat becomes harder to clean and if plummeting sensitivity occurs.

thermostat upgrade

Problem 3: Dirty Thermostat

Investigate any errors and their cause if you find any inaccurate thermostat readings. The job of the thermostat is to accurately read the room temperature. Dust build-up inside the box can sometimes attribute to this problem.

Open your thermostat and brush away the dirt. Use gentle strokes with a soft brush.

Problem 4: A Miscalibrated Thermostat

Thermostat miscalibrations occur when the internal factory calibration settings of the internal sensors start becoming less efficient. Consequently, they start to give improper readings, causing a situation inside the home where temperatures are uneven. For example, some rooms may feel cold while others feel warm. Also, your fan and compressor may turn off or on too quickly. Short cycling leads to high energy bills, discomfort, and reduced HVAC system lifespan.

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Problem 5: Non-Working Thermostat Display

The thermostat should provide valuable information like current temperature, operating modes and the current state of the HVAC system. The changing of the settings or state of the system will be impossible to accomplish if your display is not working. This is especially true for a thermostat that uses a touch screen display.
If your thermostat display is not working, but the AC or heater is running, check for loose wires and connections. Make sure that your thermostat is on. Replace the batteries if necessary. Always check for loose wires or faulty connections before turning the system back on.


Advantages Of A Thermostat Replacement

Find some of the benefits that come with replacing a thermostat below:

Savings On Cooling And Heating Costs For Your Home

HVAC systems consume quite a bit of energy. As a consequence, you feel the impact on your monthly energy bills. To help reduce your energy bills, replace an old manual thermostat with a newer programmable one.

This will allow you to program it to your own preferences by making it run less when you’re not at home. Likewise, you can schedule it to turn on right before you get home. This way, you come back to a pleasant and comfortable home. Furthermore, some modern thermostats allow you to manage your energy costs by tracking your energy usage.

programmable thermostat

Auto Adjustments

With the new thermostat, all you have to do is to program the system to your specific settings. The thermostat will remember everything for you, and you won’t have to keep adjusting it. For example, it will automatically adjust its setting when you go to sleep or leave the house. You can go about your day without worrying about a thing.

HVAC System Optimization

Even if you have a very old AC or heater, the cost of a full system replacement is not always within many people’s budgets.
So, by replacing an older thermostat with a modern one, you can experience significant gains, efficiency, and reliability to enjoy HVAC operation improvements.

A necessary HVAC replacement is important to follow through if you have an outdated and old cooling and heating system. Doing so will improve the comfort and efficiency in your home. Replacing an old thermostat with a newer one can significantly improve your home’s efficiency and comfort in conjunction with an updated HVAC system.

Connectivity Improvements

The latest models of programmable thermostats offer a larger variety of connectivity options than ever before.
From anywhere within the home the owners can connect to the home network via Wi-Fi and control them with their phones and other devices, for example. Likewise, they can connect to their home HVAC system with any internet-enabled device. Many will appreciate and welcome this added convenience.

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Sometimes for greater reliability, improved connectivity, auto adjustments features, and enhanced efficiency, it is necessary for a thermostat upgrade. However, some thermostat problems have simple solutions such as cleaning, re-positioning, and fresh batteries. Always contact a trusted HVAC company, regarding your home thermostat problems for advice.

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