Summer Strategies for Home Heating Oil Efficiency

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Heating oil might not be at the forefront of people’s thoughts during the summer. However, paradoxically, this is the best moment to explore summer heating oil tips and focus on your home heating oil needs. With the sun shining and your heating system in a dormant state, you have the perfect chance to inspect, maintain, and strategize for the heating system’s upkeep and future enhancements. 

Preparing for the upcoming winter is crucial, as time has a way of speeding by. Taking proactive steps now allows you to set the stage for a cozier, more comfortable home when the chill of winter sets in. Here are some essential summer heating oil tips from Miller Oil Company.

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Heating Oil Tips to Follow During Summer

Embrace the opportunity to prepare for winter with these essential heating oil tips.

Benefit from Summer Pricing

The demand for heating oil surges in the colder months as numerous households rely on it to heat their homes, driving up the cost. You will likely face increased prices by postponing your purchase until the weather turns chilly. Conversely, the summer season sees a dip in demand, prompting oil companies to offer attractive discounts to boost sales. Seize the chance to save by planning. 

Take Advantage of Summer for Oil Tank Checks

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The pleasant summer weather provides the perfect backdrop for a detailed oil tank inspection. Wander through your property to examine the tank outdoors, assessing its condition. With time, tanks can exhibit wear and tear, including rust, perforations, and fissures, which might lead to water ingress and subsequent issues. 

Additionally, verify the stability of the tank’s legs and ensure the lids are securely fastened. If your heating oil tank is nearing its serviceable limit or displays significant wear and tear, act swiftly to arrange for a replacement.

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Call for Oil Heating System Service

Although homeowners may notice clear indicators of wear, minor yet critical signs might go undetected without expert inspection. Certified HVAC professionals possess the expertise to identify early stages of issues within an oil heating system. They’re equipped to access challenging areas and perform comprehensive diagnostics.

Armed with specialized tools, they ensure a meticulous cleaning and fine-tuning of your system. Book a service for your furnace or boiler annually. Leveraging their skills, your heating equipment will endure longer and function more efficiently and reliably.

Protect Your Outdoor Oil Tank

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The valuable fuel in storage tanks is out in the open, making them a potential target for theft. Thieves may attempt to drain the oil for resale, possibly even tracking delivery schedules to identify newly filled tanks. Enhance the security of your tank by shielding it from direct view from the road. 

Consider erecting a fence or planting shrubbery as a visual barrier, ensuring you maintain sufficient space around the tank for proper ventilation and to meet fire safety regulations. Securing the tank with a lock, installing an oil tank alarm, and setting up CCTV surveillance are effective measures to deter theft and safeguard your supply.

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Utilize the Off-Season

Summer is the ideal season for implementing significant upgrades. This is the perfect time to replace aging tanks with new ones, enhancing reliability and potentially expanding storage capacity. Additionally, it’s a suitable time for boiler maintenance or improvements. 

For those experiencing frequent system failures, a complete HVAC system overhaul might be worth considering. Given that these projects can be time-consuming, it is wise to take advantage of the off-peak period when heating demands are low.

Maintain Clear Access to Fill Pipe

For heating oil deliveries to proceed without a hitch, the delivery trucks must be able to reach the tank’s fill pipe easily. Over time, foliage may grow too much and obscure the area. Regular checks are necessary to keep this in check. Keep an eye on any bushes or plants growing near the tank and trim them back as needed. After ensuring the fill pipe is not obstructed, mark its position to assist the delivery team in locating it promptly.

Explore Superior Oil Delivery Services

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Should your current heating oil delivery service fall short of expectations, summer is the perfect time to scout for superior alternatives. Compile a list of competing providers in your vicinity and research their reputations. 

You may discover a provider renowned for punctual deliveries, competitive pricing, or more attractive offers. Consulting with friends and neighbors about their delivery experiences can also provide valuable insights into what you might expect from different companies.

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Avoid Oil Tank Condensation

Condensation within oil tanks can initiate deterioration, as water promotes corrosion, compromising the tank’s integrity from the inside. This issue becomes more pronounced in empty tanks, where humid air occupies the vacant space. To mitigate this risk, especially during summer, ensure your tank doesn’t run low. Opt for an oil delivery to refill the tank, preventing condensation.

FAQs: Summer Maintenance and Delivery

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Explore common queries regarding summer care and oil deliveries: 

1. How often should I schedule service for my oil heating system?

We recommend arranging a professional maintenance visit for your furnace or boiler at least once a year. A summer service appointment ensures your system is in optimal condition ahead of the colder months, enhancing its reliability and prolonging its service life. 

2. What should I consider when planning major upgrades to my heating system?

When planning significant upgrades such as tank replacements or system improvements, factor in the timing (preferably summer), the efficiency enhancements, and alignment with your heating requirements. A consultation with Miller Oil Company can offer guidance on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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3. Is there a best practice for maintaining my oil tank during the summer to prepare for winter?

Maintaining your oil tank at least half full during summer months helps prevent condensation and corrosion. It’s equally important to conduct periodic checks for any signs of deterioration or damage and to promptly address these through repairs or replacements. This proactive approach ensures your system operates smoothly once the colder weather sets in.


Though it might appear paradoxical, summer offers the best window for attending to your tank and boiler maintenance. Winter’s constant demand for these systems makes it challenging to conduct any significant work on them. In contrast, their summer dormancy presents the perfect opportunity for essential upkeep. This season is also ideal for reevaluating your oil budget and exploring more efficient future delivery strategies.

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