Reasons You May Want To Upgrade Your Thermostat

digital thermostatIf your thermostat is as old as your home, there is a need to invest in a new digital unit. Smart thermostats are the future generation devices that will intelligently reduce your energy bills and improve your home comfort.

The majority of your electricity bills go to heating and cooling your home. Installing a new smart thermostat can significantly save you money by improving the efficiency of the unit. New thermostats feature programmable settings for air control that intelligently reduce energy consumption.

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The Benefits Of Installing A New Smart Thermostat Windsor Locks CT

In this article, we will discuss the benefots that come with upgrading your thermostrat. Keep reading to find out more.

New Thermostats Save Time And Energy

home energy costsIn the digital era, consumers are used to setting devices from the comfort of their seats. One drawback of traditional thermostats is that you must switch them or adjust the settings manually.

With remote access options, you can start, stop, or adjust your digital thermostat even when you are away from home. Smart thermostats also use sensors to know when to start or stop. This capability helps to keep your home warm during winter without soaring electricity bills. The opposite also applies in summer when air circulation is required, but intelligent sensors only switch the device when necessary. They learn your schedule and automatically make the necessary adjustments based on your schedule.

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Obtaining IoT Convenience

Changing to a smart thermostat will soon become a necessity in anticipation for the Internet of Things. In that technological revolution, you will require connecting any digital device over the Internet, and your thermostat will be part of the maze. Doing so in advance may save you hidden costs in the future when the technology is ripe. Smart thermostats also integrate with smartphone applications that help monitor their health. The integration helps for action to be taken with enough time when your device is not functioning correctly.

Energy Efficiency & Reducing Environmental Footprint

As highlighted above, smart thermostats use less energy. Anyone environmentally conscious and with a vision for the sustainable environment can get these benefits from a smart thermostat. Digital thermostats have the added advantage of adjusting to natural fluctuations of temperature, resulting in seamless control throughout the day.

New Thermostats Come With Reduced Maintenance Cost

Mechanical devices have always had higher maintenance costs than digital ones. With the new thermostats, there is little maintenance required since no wear and tear from movable parts. After installation, you will only be interacting with your device remotely through an internet-controlled device. Besides, the smart thermostat devices feature new technology that is more efficient that come with a longer lifespan.

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New Technology Means New Convenience

Emerging technologies have brought so many designs that one is spoiled for choice. Once you decide to upgrade, you may choose the programmable thermostat or settle for a smart device. The latter offers advanced features such as optimal performance and convenience.

It is with the smart device that you can control home temperatures remotely with your smartphone. As much as you can change settings remotely with your Smartphone or tablet, you can as well save more than 10% of your electricity bills with programmable thermostats. Miller Oil Company is here to help if you find the two technologies confusing.


Invest in a new thermostat today to experience heating and cooling in a new dimension. You will no longer have to deal with manual settings anymore, and environmental fluctuations will be dealt with seamlessly in the background. With the smart thermostat, you will be caring for the future by cutting carbon footprint and preparing for the Internet of Things. Above all, you will realize tremendous cost savings in your energy bills henceforth.

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Additionally, it is not too late to join the technological revolution by upgrading your thermostat. A smart thermostat and HVAC system go hand in hand in improving your home comfort experience. Call today to schedule an appointment. We offer free, in-home estimates.

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