The Drawbacks Of Purchasing Low-Quality Fuel Oil For Your Home

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Oil Delivery Enfield CT: The Drawbacks Of Purchasing Low-Quality Fuel Oil

In addition to experiencing a marked increase in your overall home heating costs during the coldest month of the year, there are a number of other heat-related issues that you’ll probably face as well. As an example, sludge may begin to accumulate in your heating oil tank. There are numerous factors that can lead to the development of sludge in fuel oil tanks. As such, there are also many ways to address and prevent sludge formation.

To start, you always want to get your fuel oil from a reputable and ethical source.

You need to be diligent about performing tank inspections. Stay on top of removing snow or other debris on your tank when necessary. You also want to have a rusted or corroded tank replaced as soon as you possibly can.

People should note that putting the delivery of your home heating oil off can be very risky in this respect. An empty tank leads to issues. This article talks about the importance of choosing and hiring reliable heating oil suppliers in your efforts to avoid the development of sludge. It will additionally discuss the importance of good fuel oil tank care.

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What Tank Sludge Is And Why It Forms

heating oil sludgeImpurities that are present in home heating oil gradually accumulate to create sludge.

These are the particulates or contaminants are more abundant in low-quality heating oil. As time passes, these particulates start settling at the base of the tank.

A low-quality home heating oil will have far more impurities than a higher quality one. This is oil that commonly comes from the bottom part of the barges and it can also be mixed with various, secondary materials.

Many different types of impurities comprise sludge and settle inside of the tank. The two primary types of particulates found here are solid particulates and water.

What Causes Fuel Oil Tank Sludge?

Water can enter fuel tanks in various ways. Rainwater and condensation, however, are the two most common ways in which water enters fuel tanks. Water can enter your fuel tank if:

  • You have a cracked or split tank.
  • Any seals on your tank are damaged or broken.
  • There are one or more damaged vents on your tank.
  • The filter cap was not put on securely.

Moreover, whenever there are significant changes in temperatures, above-ground outdoor tanks can begin to develop a layer of condensation on their outer areas. This eventually begins to leach into the tank. Given that water is significantly heavier than oil, it will invariably make its way to the tank bottom and settle.

Bacteria is another common problem with fuel oil tanks. Bacteria can enter these systems through vent leaks and via poor-quality fuels that are filled with impurities. Build-ups of bacteria can lead to a considerable film at the surface of the oil that is also known as sludge.

Sludge Can Affect All Forms Of Fuel Oil

Sludge can develop in any home heating oil tank. Buying higher quality heating oil for your home, however, can significantly reduce the rate of its formation. There are also many reputable home heating oil delivery companies that use a special additive in their fuel oils, designed to prevent sludge from developing as rapidly.

Tips For Preventing Sludge Development

Purchase High-Quality Home Heating Oil

oil tank lifespanThe absolute best way to prevent sludge from forming in your fuel oil tank is to buy top-quality fuel oil from a reputable supply company.

Buyers often get exactly what they pay for and this is all the more true for heating oil. Many discount heating oil services do not have their own oil storage facilities. This usually means that they typically refill their trucks with the lowest-priced heating oils that they can find.

There are also dealers that mix these oils with other oils that are equally impure. As an example, they may add grease or cooking oil, auto dealership waste, reclaimed oil or even cleaning solvents to their heating oil. These low-cost, low-quality oils come from the very bottom of barges as well. This oil is rife with impurities which is notorious for contaminating a home heating oil tank.

Be Diligent About Maintaining Your Heating Oil Tank

Remember that it’s essential to maintain a clean heating oil tank by using high-quality fuel. You should additionally have your fuel oil tank regularly inspected. You should schedule professional checks on a regular basis for signs of corrosion. When a tank has any issues with rust or any other signs of corrosion, you should plan for an oil tank replacement immediately. It is much cheaper to replace a rusted and corroded tank than to have an expensive cleanup performed.

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The Risks Of Having Sludge Form

heating oil sludgeAs the levels in your fuel tank grow lower, sludge can begin entering the boiler or furnace via the supply line.

An empty tank can cause the supply line to become clogged. The oil might wind up being pulled directly into the unit filter as well, to decrease the efficiency of the whole heating system ultimately. This situation can additionally cause your heater to start seizing, which will, in turn, leave the entire household absent of both hot water and heat.

When this happens, most people have no idea of what’s occurring. They keep turning their thermostats up to warm their cold home up, which invariably results in more spending. People who put their home heating oil deliveries off should consider the long-range inconvenience and added costs resulting from all the issues caused by having sludge enter the boiler or furnace via the supply line.


There are many simple, preventative measures that you can use to maintain your home heating oil tank properly, save cash, and reduce time and stress going forward.

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