How To Make It Through A Home Heating Emergency Comfortably And Safely

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Imagine this: It’s the middle of the winter season and the ground has a thick covering of snow. You’re inside and you notice that the interior of your home feels a bit cold. Your heating system isn’t working as it should. What can you do? Sadly, a home heating emergency is quite common for homeowners. A heating system is more likely to break down in the middle of a cold spell, right when the demand for this equipment is at its highest.

A no-heat situation is an emergency that could have an impact on both your safety and your comfort. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you’ll want to know how to remain warm and safe until your HVAC company shows up. This article shares some of the most effective strategies for keeping warm if a home heating emergency ever occurs.

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What A Home Heating Emergency Is

If your boiler, furnace, or any other aspect of your home heating system malfunctions or becomes inoperative during a cold spell, this is known as a home heating emergency. In certain cases, the underlying heating problem is a simple one with an easy fix that doesn’t require professional assistance. For instance, given that most home heating systems run on electricity, you might want to check the circuit breaker and the power source. If you don’t have enough heating fuel, you can set up an emergency delivery. The sooner that the problem is identified; the sooner it can be resolved.

Having a home heating emergency can be incredibly inconvenient to the entire household. There are also a number of safety issues that come with these events. Without adequate heat, you’ll have to contend with:

  • Uncomfortable Conditions: Heating emergencies are always uncomfortable. Low to extremely low indoor temperatures can make it difficult to live inside. Absent of any heat source, you and everyone else in the building will have a far greater risk of developing respiratory problems, and you may be more susceptible to the flu and the common cold. Taking a nap and going to bed at night will also prove more challenging in a frosty living environment.
  • Increased Health Risks: People living in very low temperatures have an increased risk of developing hypothermia. If a person’s body temperature becomes too low, even thinking and moving can become difficult. At the lowest temperatures, respiratory problems and frostbite can occur. Low temperatures can be especially problematic for those with arthritis and heart disease. Small children, newborn babies, and elderly adults are particularly vulnerable to extremely cold temperatures.
  • Freezing Pipes: Absence of heat, water within the building’s pipes may freeze up, thereby preventing the flow of water. When frozen water gets trapped inside of plumbing, it can expand to cause both pipe damage and burst pipes.
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Tips For Staying Warm While You Wait For HVAC Services To Arrive

image of homeowner using space heater during a home heating emergency

Let’s say that you’ve already checked everything that needs checking and still have a problem on your hands. You should schedule an emergency checkup and repair service for your heating system to get your heater back to working. While you wait, you’ll have to take steps to remain warm until the HVAC company you’ve hired shows up and completes the job. Here are several steps that you can take while you wait:

Shut Off Your Heating System

The heating system isn’t working so go ahead and turn off the power and thermostat. If your home has a gas furnace, be sure to shut off the gas lines also. This will keep you safe by isolating the heating system.

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Set Up A Space Heater

A space heater is a portable unit that has the ability to warm the ambient air. These often have small fans that blow warm air out. A small-sized space heater with a capacity of 2 to 3 kW should be sufficient for warming a small room. Medium-sized and large-sized buildings will need space heaters that have a 30 kW capacity. When relying on space heaters, you must be prepared to use them safely. These units should never be left unattended. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for use and follow them carefully.

Moreover, try to keep everyone in a single room. Shut doors to rooms that aren’t being used. Keep the heat trapped in the room you are using.

Drink Something Warm

image of a woman drinking tea to stay warm during a heating system breakdown

A warm drink will keep your face and hands warm while supplying a much-needed and very gentle form of comfort. However, be sure to choose beverages that will actually warm you up and keep you that way like herbal tea and caffeine. Coffee has a lot of caffeine in it, which ramps up the metabolism and causes the body to burn more fuel for heat. Ginger tea promotes improvements in blood flow and circulation so that all of your extremities continue to get a nice blood supply. Avoid alcohol. You can also have a hot bowl of soup to warm up.

Start Moving

Exercise increases your heart rate and improves blood flow and circulation. Basic exercise will help you stay limber and keep blood flowing to your extremities so that you don’t get cold.

Layer Your Clothing And Bundle Up

Wear plenty of clothes to keep your body heat trapped close to you. Gloves, jackets, socks, shawls, and extra socks will help you stay toasty and warm. Pay attention to elderly people and small children to make sure that they’re comfortable and warm. Do not constrict any body part by applying overly heavy or tight clothing.

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Tips For Avoiding A Heating Emergency

Good preparedness is the best strategy for avoiding a heating emergency. It is important to be one step ahead of possible problems. Here are several steps to take:

Have Heating System Maintenance Performed Annually

furnace tune-up

One very effective way to keep your furnace from malfunctioning is by scheduling yearly heating system inspections and maintenance. Annual checkups ensure that developing problems are caught and corrected early on.

Get in Touch With A Trusted HVAC Contractor

At the very first sign of problems, get in touch with a heating and air conditioning company as soon as you can. It is far more practical to try troubleshooting the problem early on, but when a serious issue rears its head, this should be addressed by a licensed and trained professional. Irrespective of the magnitude of your HVAC problem, if you think that your home heating system is malfunctioning or underperforming in any way, take steps to address it immediately.

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Change The Air Filters In Your HVAC System

Homeowners are often reminded by furnace service professionals to clean their air filters or regularly replace them. A clogged filter will prevent proper airflow and proper air distribution. It will also make the heater work far harder than should, use excess energy, and lose efficiency. Moreover, a blocked air filter can lead to heating system problems and create the need for repairs. Check your filter monthly and replace it as needed.



The most effective way to avoid a home heating emergency in winter is by preventing furnace malfunctions. With just a few easy steps and some practical measures, you can keep a home heating emergency from being a major issue for your household. Always work with a reputable HVAC service to ensure that your heating system is in top shape and ready to do its job when you need it.

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