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ductless heating

Ductless heating systems are known for their high efficiency. Did you know up to 25% of your heating is lost within the ducts of your home? Maximize your comfort and minimize your bills by installing a ductless heating system in your home today!

At Miller Oil Company we have decades of experience installing all sorts of HVAC systems and have faced unique challenges over the years which makes us more than prepared to handle your needs!

Advantages of Ductless Heating Systems

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest and most important benefits of ductless systems is the increase in efficiency, but there are many more as well! Typically, ductless systems are installed instead of baseboard or window systems. But unlike these systems, the only step for installation is a small drilling a small hole in the wall, making them much less susceptible to air leakage. Installing an ENERGY STAR system can save you up to 30% on your monthly heating costs!

In addition, ductless systems have inverter-driven compressors which change speed in response to your heating needs. The compressors in traditional HVAC systems completely shut off, making the response time to changes in your needs considerably slower.

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Is a Ductless Heating System Right for Me?

Ductless systems offer great comfort and superior efficiency for your home but are not for everyone or all situations. The top 3 situations in which ductless heating systems are right are:

New Additions- Connecting a new addition to your current system’s ductwork can put stress on your system. Installing a ductless system in your new addition won’t affect your current system.
Downsizing- Many times retirees want to downsize their house and want to stop heating rooms that they aren’t using. In this case, a ductless system is perfect as each room can be controlled individually.
Houses with No Ductwork- Though it may be an initially large investment, installing ductless heating systems throughout your home is a much cheaper option than adding ductwork.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you! With Miller Oil Company you can just tell us your needs and our service team will take care of the rest! If you’re ready to start saving on your monthly heating costs and want the very best team in the area to install your system, contact Miller Oil Company today!

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