Six Home Heating Myths That You Need To Know About

high home heating costsWinters are often long and hard, which means that many homeowners have to spend significant sums of money on heating their homes throughout the season. Given that some winters tend to be a lot longer and harsher than others, there may be a rise in annual heating costs.

Because of this, budget-savvy homeowners are always on the prowl for strategies to lower their home heating costs. Sadly, this quest to save money on heating has lead to many home heating myths that all people should be aware of. Many use or believe some of these myths without realizing that they are doing more harm than good.

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Several Heating Myths That Might Cost You Money

Even though some of these myths certainly seem believable, they’re both illogical and counterproductive. Following is a detailed list of the most common and often surprising myths out there.

Myth 1: The Best Way To Seal Ducts Is With Duct Tape

While many people believe that the perfect solution for sealing ducts is duct tape, the truth of the matter is that regular duct tape often gets loose and falls off in these applications. Duct tape should only be used as a temporary fix when ducts need to be sealed. This fix should not be considered a long-term solution. When duct leaks arise, it is essential to have them addressed by a licensed and reputable HVAC service.

Myth 2: You Can Save Money With Energy-Efficient Windows

energy efficient houseIt’s a known fact that you can save money by having modern, energy-efficient windows installed in your home. These additions are designed to limit energy loss. Over time, the savings attributed to energy-efficient windows are quite considerable. Sadly, however, the costs of purchasing and installing these windows are also very high. It can take decades for the resulting energy savings to offset the costs of purchasing and installation. Ultimately, this investment makes little sense. For this reason, buying and installing energy-efficient windows to save cash is a myth.

Myth 3: Installing A Programmable Thermostat Can Help You Save Money

Having a programmable thermostat installed can help you limit your energy spending. Many people, however, install these devices and then fail to program them correctly. If programmable thermostats are misused, households may experience noticeable increases in their heating costs. Using these thermostats when they’re correctly programmed can result in savings. Therefore, merely having one of these devices installed is not going to lower your heating and cooling costs.

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Myth 4: A Fireplace Will Lower Your Home Energy Costs And Keep Everyone Cozy And Warm

Without a doubt, the ambiance, light, and aroma of a fireplace can improve comfort within your home. But, to discharge the resulting exhaust gases, you’re going to have to open the flue. Due to this fact, you will also lose heated air from your home HVAC system through this opening. In this situation, your heater is going to have to do more work to create a warm, cozy environment, which will invariably cost you more.

Myth 5: You Can Prevent Your Water Pipes From Freezing By Heating Your Entire Home

frozen plumbing pipesWhen water pipes freeze, they can swell and burst, thereby leading to severe leaks. Moreover, this will eliminate water access at all other outlets throughout the building. One heating myth that many people still believe is that constantly running the heater will keep the pipes from freezing. Turning off your home’s water supply at the meter will prevent your pipes from freezing without driving your heating costs up. Opening up faucets throughout the building will help as well. Running water is a lot less likely to freeze.

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Myth 6: Cranking Up Your Thermostat Will Heat Your Home Up Fast

Cranking the thermostat up isn’t going to warm your home up any faster than normal. Your heater will continue working like it usually does. Therefore, turning the thermostat to a high temperature setting to create a warm environment quickly is a myth.



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