Is Your Heat Pump Leaking Water?

image of a heat pump

Heat pumps are a reliable option many homeowners rely on to make their indoor environment comfortable. Although they are a great option, even the best ones will run into issues with time. A common issue is leaking. A heat pump leaking water is not operating correctly. This indicates problems with components of the system or the whole system itself.

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How Heat Pump Leaks Occur

Heat pumps leak water for several reasons. Understanding the cause of these issues is important to help reduce the risk of them happening and prevent problems.

Dirty Heat Pump Coil

The main component of a heat pump is the evaporator coil. The coil helps collect moisture from the air. Condensation and moisture are drained through the evaporator coil and then into a drain pan. This pan disposes of water through a drain.

If the evaporator coil becomes too dirty, it might not drain condensate correctly. Instead, it drains through to a pan, and water runoff can cause a leak.

Solution: Contact a professional HVAC technician to take a look at your heat pump. It will most likely need cleaning if a dirty coil is causing the problem. Your local technician will be able to easily complete this job.

Frozen Heat Pump Evaporator Coil

frozen evaporator coil of heat pump

If your heat pump is running low on refrigerant, the coil has great potential to freeze. This will cause ice to form in the system. The ice will eventually melt and cause a leak.

Frozen coils can also prevent your heat pump from working correctly. This issue causes energy costs to rise because the heat pump needs to work harder to keep up with the falling temperature.

Solution: A professional technician will be able to remove any ice. They will also top off the refrigerant which will prevent the same problem from happening.

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Condensate Drain Clog

When the heat pump works properly, it can collect condensate in the air and get rid of it using the built-in drainage system. The drain can collect dust and dirt itself and become clogged.

Water cannot be properly eliminated in a clogged drain. This results in water build up in the drain system. Heat pumps are not designed to hold any extra water so it will leak.

Solution: Call a technician to have the system checked and schedule regular preventive maintenance.

Cracked Overflow Pan

image of a heat pump repair

Pulling moisture out of the air is an important function of a heat pump. This is a necessary step for the cooling process to happen. Moisture collected with the evaporator coils is moved into a pan or drain. Since the pan is always in contact with liquid it can easily become corroded, and turn into water leaks in the system.

Solution: Check for water in the drain pan often. If you notice too much water collects in the pan, contact a professional to look at it.

Poor Heat Pump Maintenance

Many homeowners are guilty of a lack of maintenance of their heat pump. Just like all other equipment, heat pumps perform more efficiently with maintenance and regular tune-ups. Regular checkups can identify a problem before it gets worse. A professional will also identify problems quickly and easily correct them. A simple problem can turn into a larger issue without the help of a professional HVAC technician.

Solution: If your heat pump is used only supplementally, it should be serviced once a year by a licensed HVAC technician. If your pump is the primary source of heating and cooling, have it serviced twice a year.

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Preventing Leaks In Your Heat Pump

image of heat pump maintenance

If a professional installed your heat pump, it’s best to schedule regular preventive maintenance to prevent leaking. Follow the recommended care to ensure your system works properly. Always be aware of the signs of a potential problem. The earlier an issue is caught and resolved, the longer your heat pump system will work for. Never attempt a repair yourself. It’s always best to contact a professional for any repairs, checkups, or tune-ups.

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