Why is My Furnace Leaking?

image of a heating system depicting a furnace that is leaking water

If everything in life were perfect, we would have technology and devices that would never deteriorate, stop working, or require replacement. Although HVAC systems are strong devices, modern furnaces are not unbreakable like most people think. They are undoubtedly not flawless, either. Like all machinery, they will require professional attention at some point. One common complaint that we experience when performing furnace services is a heating system that starts leaking. Given that the leak could be significant, it is only natural that this heating issue gives you some difficulty and discomfort. This article explores the potential causes of a gas furnace leaking water and offers some solutions.

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Reasons For A Furnace Leaking Water

Keep reading to learn about the top causes of furnace leaks.

Furnace Condensation Leak

Some modern furnaces are typically rated as high-efficiency heating systems. For example, your gas furnace probably has two heat exchangers if it has an AFUE rating of at least 90, so it can produce more heat. Condensation occurs when the furnace generates heat, which allows small microscopic droplets of moisture to pass through the pipes or the floor drain. The condensate may leak out of the furnace in case the pipes are broken or clogged. You will notice water leaking at the furnace’s base if this is the cause of the leak. Be sure to take care of this right away to prevent furnace rust from occurring.

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Whole-House Humidifier Leak

If your house humidifier has a leak and is connected to an HVAC system, you can find leaks leaking from your furnace. Humidifiers add moisture to the air in order to maximize comfort around homes. The moisture might leak into your heating system if they start to fail.


Plumbing Leak

Your furnace can suffer as a result of a plumbing system leak. It is always a good idea to inspect your plumbing if you discover a leak. Drainage systems can back up when pipes are broken or when parts of the plumbing system get clogged. When this occurs, it may appear as if your furnace’s base has developed a leak as a consequence. You should replace or repair your plumbing pipes right away if this is the problem.

A Clogged Furnace Filter

image of a senior man replacing his furnace filter

Regularly check the furnace filter to keep the air clean and to prevent the filters from collecting too much dust and other particles. It will be less effective at providing appropriate airflow through your HVAC system once it is clogged. The coils will more likely freeze if this occurs. In some cases, clogged pipes may also result in leaking, which is obvious should you find a pool of water coming from your furnace. You can avoid this kind of problem by routinely inspecting your furnace filter monthly and replacing it when necessary.

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Air Conditioner Leaking

If somebody uses their air conditioner with their furnace and notices some leaking, the issue may be with a faulty AC unit. The condensation pan is where the AC’s condensation is collected. The extra water in this pan could spill over your furnace once it is full. You might assume that your furnace is leaking because the water is coming from the heating unit, but it could possibly be your air conditioner in some cases.

Furnace Heat Exchanger Issues

gas furnace that isn't working properly

A heat exchanger leaking issue can be expensive and serious. The heat exchanger may be the problem if you have looked into every potential cause of your furnace’s leak and are still unable to locate it. If this is the case, you will either need to install a new unit or have the heat exchanger fixed (if it is economically feasible). To make sure you get the right fit, seek help from a qualified HVAC contractor in your local area.

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Top Furnace Care & Maintenance Tips

Check the furnace immediately if you notice anything suspicious coming from it. You can also call a specialist straight away to arrange for a furnace inspection. Before assistance arrives, you should do the following: Turn the system off. The system should be turned off first before doing any inspection. Turn off the breaker that supplies electricity to the appliance if you are unable to locate the power switch. Keep the furnace’s base as dry as you can. To absorb moisture, use a mop or dry towels. This will reduce the risk of water damage. Use a wet-dry vacuum if required. Finally, examine the filter. Check to see whether the filter is clogged if you haven’t cleaned or replaced it in a while. Replace it with a new one if it is clogged.


Hiring Professional Furnace Repair Services

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Never try to repair the furnace yourself unless you are qualified to do so, have the necessary training, or the issue is straightforward, like changing the air filter. If you don’t know what to do, the unit will probably sustain more damage. HVAC repairs and replacements might cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Remember that the furnace is a form of specialized machinery and is composed of a complicated group of parts. It is far better to wait for a qualified HVAC repair technician to examine the appliance, diagnose the issue accurately, and carry out the necessary repairs.

Also, refrain from hiring a handyman. Furnace repairs should only be performed by professional and trained HVAC specialists. HVAC repair specialists have considerable training as well as experience and knowledge in the field. Stop using your furnace immediately and get in touch with a technician if it starts to malfunction.

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Final Thoughts

In the cold winter months, we rely on furnaces to keep our homes cozy. We do not want the inconvenience that comes with inefficiency and ineffectiveness when things malfunction. A well-maintained furnace’s leak issue is probably something that can be quickly and easily addressed. It is best to have a professional inspect an older furnace to ensure that the necessary repairs are made.

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