Best Fall Checklist For Home Maintenance

fall checklist for homeownersMany look forward to the fall as it means a break from the summer heat, beautiful foliage, fun pumpkin carvings, and action-packed football games.

On the other hand, the season also brings messy yards, increasingly cooler temperatures, and other concerns.

Homeowners who prepare their homes for the fall will have an easier time dealing with the harsh, cold weather. Creating a fall checklist-home maintenance plan makes execution go faster and the overall results much better.

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Homeowner’s Fall Checklist For Home Maintenance

In this article, we discuss some of the best ways you can prepare your home for the upcoming weather.

1. Schedule Your Heating System Tune-up

The mercury will continue to plunge across thermometers throughout the fall, all the way until winter. At some point, you will need to depend on your heater for warmth. Make sure that it will be up to the task for the months ahead.

It should undergo a tune-up every year under the hands of certified HVAC professionals. Technicians can perform a thorough inspection and minor repairs if necessary, along with routine cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance tasks. A heater tune-up ensures healthy indoor air quality, reliable performance, and energy-efficient operation.  Call Miller Oil Company to schedule an appointment today.

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2. Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery

heating oil deliveryIf your household depends on heating oil for fuel, then be sure to contact an oil supplier as soon as possible. This way, you are ready for the cold weather. Furthermore, paying for your oil ahead of the peak of the season is a great way to pay less for your heating oil prices. Be sure to contact Miller Oil Company to ask about our oil deliveries, delivery options, and payment plans.

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3. Seal Gaps In Doors & Windows To Improve Energy Efficiency

The hard work of a heating system will be for naught if hot air can simply escape through the gaps around door and windows. The equipment will then be forced to run longer and consume more fuel to keep the premises at the ideal temperature. Therefore, you should check the gaps around doors and windows. Seal these using weather stripping, foam tape, window film, caulking, and other materials. Hanging insulated curtains will also help in improving energy efficiency. Furthermore, make sure that your home has adequate insulation with a high r-value.

4. Change The Batteries On Your Alarms-Smoke And Carbon Monoxide

safety alarmsSome malfunctioning heating systems can emit smoke and carbon monoxide. These are dangerous signs that must be detected at the soonest possible time to limit damage. Smoke can lead to fire that could destroy the whole property. While carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, it can lead to fatalities. With heaters starting to be reactivated, replace the batteries on your home’s safety alarms to guarantee functionality.

5. Check Exterior Walkways, Stairs, And Driveways For Winter Safety

Winter is only months away. Before it gets here, it’s a good idea to ensure the safety of the house. The parts of the property which are exposed to the elements need to be checked. For example, the walkways, stairs, railings, and driveways must be ready for winter to avoid accidents. Anything broken must be fixed right now before things get covered in snow. The railings should be sturdy and reliable. The driveway should be solid for ease of snow shoveling.

6. Care For Trees And Shrubs

Trees can look amazing in the fall. Their changes in color and other characteristics are aesthetically pleasing. These can also be good indicators of their health. If they change color earlier than normal or have many dead branches, then you might be dealing with plant diseases. Hiring an arborist is a good idea if you have plenty of trees to care for.

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7. Rake Leaves

raking leavesIn the early days of the season when leaves are just starting to fall to the ground, people may get excited with the development and consider the ground cover a beautiful sight. They may simply let the leaves accumulate while they attend to other chores. It may not look as romantic later on when it gets colder and the leaves are covered in snow. Spring growth may be inhibited. It would be best to get a rake and remove the leaves as soon as possible.

8. Clean Gutters And Downspouts

Dead leaves and branches may find themselves falling not on the ground but on the roof and the gutters. This is a problem as they can block the flow of water. Rotting organic matter will also attract pests into the house. Be sure to clean the gutter and downspouts from time to time, depending on the amount of the debris and proximity to trees. You can hire a professional cleaner if the gutters are too high.

9. Make Exterior Repairs

While you’re at it, inspect the roof for signs of damage. Do the same with the siding and the foundation. The exterior is subjected to a great deal of environmental stress so issues can develop more quickly than with the interior. If you find any problems, then have them repaired before the winter comes.

10. Shut Off All Exterior Faucets And Drain Hoses

Last, in this fall home maintenance checklist is to make sure that you shut off all exterior faucets and store hoses. This is a precautionary measure to avoid frozen pipes. There should be no flow to these exposed fixtures as water expand when freezing, and that will only damage the plumbing system. Drain everything before the temperature plummets. Also, be sure to cover outdoor faucets with spigot covers.


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