How To Reduce Energy Consumption While On Vacation

energy tips while you are vacationingVacations offer an escape from the monotony of our daily grind. Just thinking about it can make people giddy with excitement. There are so many new things to see and do, after all. Planning ahead is a good way to ensure that the much awaited holiday will go smoothly. There are so many details to consider including the weather, the clothes, and other items on the packing list.

It is not uncommon for folks to count down the days until they can be off on their vacation. While focusing on your travel plans and destination is normal, you should not forget about the things that you will be leaving behind. Make sure that your home stays safe, clean, and energy efficient while you are on your holiday.

Use These Energy Tips While On Vacation

In this article, we will discuss useful tips on how to save on energy consumption while the home’s occupants are away.

Monthly utility payments can eat up a significant portion of the household budget. The energy costs can go down while you are on a vacation if you do the right things. The reduction will not be automatic just because you won’t be around to use the gadgets and appliances. You may see a slight decrease in consumption, but you can experience a more significant drop if you take extra steps.

Household Heating And Cooling Techniques While On Vacation

ACIf you are going to be away for a while, then you don’t have to keep the central air at normal temperatures. You can even turn off the thermostat in the summer.

On the other hand, shutting off the heater entirely during winter is not advisable. You will want to leave it on while setting the temperature at a mild level such as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature helps prevent appliances and pipes from freezing.

As for those who have programmable thermostats, you can set the HVAC system to a temperature that will feel comfortable upon returning from your vacation. Take additional measures such as closing the blinds and the curtains to reduce the heat transfer around the windows.

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Important Water Heater Adjustments To Make

water heaterBefore you leave for a long while, do not forget to make adjustments to the water heater. In the winter, place it on the lowest setting for freeze and damage prevention. As for summer, you have two options: shut off the circuit breaker or turn off the gas valve. Be careful with this system when you come back. There may not be enough liquid in the tank so let the water run for a bit before turning the heater on.

These tips are not rocket science so anyone should be able to adopt them right away. Heed these energy efficiency tips for your holiday getaways and enjoy substantial savings on your monthly bills. You will be very pleased with yourself once you see the difference.

Measures For Electronic Gadgets And Household Appliances

Aside from the air conditioner, the refrigerator can also be a major energy consumer. If you go on an extended vacation lasting several weeks, you may want to take out the contents and clean the inside of the fridge. Let it dry and put some baking soda in it to prevent mold growth by minimizing moisture. Just turn the appliance back on upon your return. For short vacations, it may be enough to get rid of perishables and to set the fridge to mild temperatures.

Switching things off will not guarantee that they will stop using electricity. The best way to eliminate power draw is to unplug them from the sockets. This is a discipline that you should master, especially when going away for a long time. Unplug everything as you go from room to room. These should include the television, the computer, and the gaming console. All the things that get used daily tend to be left plugged in. Be sure to take them off.

This does not only help reduce energy consumption, it also keeps the home safe from fires and power surges. A lot of people will try to leave lights on just to fool others into thinking that the house has occupants. A better alternative would be to use automatic light timers that can trigger the lights on at strategic hours while keeping them turned off when they are not needed.
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