Signs That Indicate The Need For An AC Repair

air conditioner repairHome air conditioners are very reliable in most cases, but as they age, they can develop problems. If you have a suspicion that something is wrong, take steps to have it fixed immediately. It is cheaper and faster to solve the problem early. Ask an expert HVAC contractor to inspect your home AC system.

Signs That Tell You Its Time For An Air Conditioner Repair East Windsor Hill CT

It is essential to know what to look for when your air conditioner is not working correctly. In this article, we discuss some signs that your AC unit may need repair.

By knowing the signs, you can address the problem quickly. Doing so will prevent the issue from escalating and costing you more.

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1. The AC Is Making Odd Sounds

A cooling system should work quietly. You may hear it humming in the background, but the noise should be soft, and it should not disturb anyone. You can get your work done peacefully and sleep well even when the unit is working. However, sometimes there may be strange and startling noises that grab your attention. A sound of rattling, grinding, or buzzing is not normal and can indicate there is a problem.

2. Water Is Leaking Out Of The Air Conditioner

Some condensation is normal with an air conditioner as the water vapor in the air can condense into droplets on the coils. There are drain channels in the system to drain out the water and prevent leakage and mold. If you see water leaking, it can mean there is a blockage that must be cleaned immediately. Do not allow the leak to persist as it can become worse and may damage the interior of the home.

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3. Bad Odors In The AC Unit

bad air conditioning smellsThere are impurities in the air that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. However, these can often be detected by the nose if a lot of them are present. A lot of air goes through the AC unit each day. This air can carry dust, dirt, and various microorganisms. The air filter in the unit cannot catch all these particles. If you detect a foul smell from the AC unit, it should be thoroughly cleaned and serviced by an expert technician.

4. The AC Turns On And Off Frequently

Usually, an AC unit turns on and off regularly. In hot summer months, the cycling becomes more frequent as the unit works harder to keep the air cool. However, if the cycles become very rapid, the performance of the unit will suffer, and the air will not cool properly. If this seems to be happening, have a professional examine the system. There may be a faulty piece of equipment that needs a replacement.

5. Humidity Level In The Home Is Too High

Air conditioners not only regulate air temperature, but they also reduce the humidity in the home. This is important since air that is too humid in the home can make people feel sticky and warm even when the temperature is low. A properly working air conditioner will offer comfort at a moderate setting. If the moisture level remains high, you should have the AC unit checked and recalibrated. A dehumidifier can also help.

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6. Home Is Uncomfortable

broken cooling systemIt is very frustrating to have the air conditioner unit running and still feel no relief from the heat. If the unit is unable to cool the home properly even after it has been running a long time, it may have a serious problem. Some basic diagnostics may help you pinpoint what the problem might be. Check to see if the setting on the thermostat needs to be adjusted. Perhaps the air compressor is not working. Also, ensure that the air filters are clean. If necessary, call in a service technician to check the entire system.

7. Poor Flow Of Air Through AC Unit

The unit will become less efficient if the air is not flowing through it properly. This can be caused by an air filter that is clogged and needs to be changed. Also, you may have a broken motor. A ventilator may also be required.

8. Unexplainable, Rising Energy Bills

If energy bills for air conditioning are rising, this is a sign you must not ignore. High energy costs will hurt your pocketbook, so you should act quickly. A home cooling system uses more energy than other appliances so that is the first thing you should check. You may be able to solve the problem by replacing parts that are broken. If the unit is old, it may be best to replace the entire AC system with one that is modern and highly efficient.


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