Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face This Summer

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An air conditioner can make summer’s heat more bearable. Homeowners should ensure that their cooling system is reliable to handle the heat in the warmer months. Educating yourself about some common air conditioner problems and methods of prevention goes a long way to reducing stress and improving comfort for the hot season.

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Typical Cooling Problems You May Face This Summer

Below you will find some of the more notable AC issues:

1. When the Air Conditioner Doesn’t Even Turn On

An AC unit will probably be completely unresponsive if your circuit breaker was tripped. Reset the breaker before testing it again. Check to see if the plug is loose and plug it back in if needed. Replace your thermostat’s batteries if they are weak. If the problem continues, call on an HVAC technician who can properly diagnose and repair it.

2. Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

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The work of a central air conditioner unit is to provide your house with cool air. If it fails to do that, check to see if the air filter is clogged with dirt or debris. This will prevent the air from flowing freely within the unit. The condenser could then freeze, which will reduce the system’s ability to cool the air. Regular filter replacement will prevent the problem.

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3. Freezing Up in the Outside Air Conditioning Unit

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Various things could trigger this particular scenario. The unit’s coolant could be running low due to a leak. The outdoor temperature may be dropping. It could also be an issue with the blower motor or insufficient airflow. To know for sure, call a technician and ask them to look at your unit.

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4. AC Refrigerant is Leaking

hvac technician with refrigerant air conditioner leak detector

Refrigerant is needed for the cooling system to work. If it leaks away, the AC is going to have performance problems and exhibit efficiency issues. Power consumption is also going to go up, cooling become uneven, and the coils will start to freeze. This can also damage your compressor. Regular inspection is the best way to alert you to any possible refrigerant leaks so you can address them early.

5. Air Conditioner is Suddenly Making Noise

A constant quiet humming sound is normal but odd noises are usually a sign of an AC problem. Listen to your unit carefully. Different sounds indicate different kinds of problems. Clicking noises usually point to a relay issue. Hissing probably indicates a leak somewhere in your system. Rattling is often traced to motor assembly and a buzzing noise suggests you may have an electrical fault. HVAC contractors are likely to recognize the problem immediately upon hearing the sounds made by the air conditioning unit.

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6. Frozen Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils

An evaporator coil requires continual airflow to keep it from freezing. Encountering this problem requires you to check the whole pathway for blockage. The culprit could be something like a broken fan, a clogged vent, or dirt plugging up the HVAC air filter. As with many issues, regular cleaning and scheduled maintenance can prevent a problem.


7. Electrical Control Failure

Air conditioner units always work best when they operate steadily rather than sporadically. Frequent cycling is going to accelerate the wear and tear on a unit, especially when it comes to the compressor. The fan and the blower motor controls might be affected too. This can cause electric control failure, which may prevent the affected parts from running.

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8. Air Conditioner Leaks Water Outside

Condensation is likely to occur in the coils on those hot and humid days. Moisture usually leaves the unit via its drain channels. If the channels become blocked or broken, leakage will likely ensue. Some causes may include blocked drainpipes or broken condensate pans. Improper installation can also be a culprit. Clean the inside thoroughly to correct this issue.

9. Air Conditioner Drainage Problems

clogged air conditioner drain line

Poor drainage will lead to the presence of stagnant water in an AC unit. This encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi. In time, foul odors are going to permeate your house, which is unpleasant and also, unhealthy. Professional inspection and AC unit maintenance help to prevent bad odors from developing.

10. Air Conditioner Sensor Trouble

Thermostat sensors are what detect current temperature. AC units turn on if the room grows too hot and then turn off again when it’s reached a certain temperature. Improper sensor placement may lead to a faulty reading and affect the unit’s performance. Technicians are able to advise on, and fix their positioning as well as perform calibrations that can help ensure optimum function.

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Easy Steps To Take In Order to Prevent Air Conditioner Unit Problems

1. Check the HVAC Filter

Many problems stem from dirt clogging the filters. Listen to the manufacturer’s advice and replace the air filters regularly. It’s probably the best way and simplest way to avoid problems. Recommended replacements are every 1 to 3 months. However, you need to let the condition of your own filter guide you. Get a replacement every time the surface shows as clogged even if that happens before the scheduled replacement date.


2. Clean Out The Condensing Unit

An outdoor unit is continually exposed to dirt and other environmental debris. Dirty coils aren’t as effective in transferring heat out of the unit. Remedy this by cleaning the surfaces periodically. Falling leaves, twigs and any foreign object should be removed from the unit.

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3. Be Sure Nothing Is Blocking Off The Vents

Vents should always be in the open position to let air flow freely. Poor airflow may be due to objects blocking these vents. These can include things like curtains, furniture, or other items. Watch out for these sensitive spots and correct the situation when necessary.

4. Install A Thermostat That You Can Program

Remove an older thermostat and replace it with a new one that has improved calibration and better performance. If you can, get a programmable thermostat so you can set timers to meet your own schedule and personally preferred temperatures. This can improve precision as well as reduce energy consumption.


In Conclusion

It’s frustrating when a cooling system fails, especially if it happens when you need it the most. The best way to avoid this is to proactively monitor and clean your system. Homeowners would do well to employ a regular maintenance schedule and have experts perform annual inspections and tune-ups. If any repair is required, be sure to seek professional HVAC technicians for the job. They have the skill and experience to find and fix the problem. A good repair technician can provide excellent repair and maintenance results at a reasonable rate.

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