6 Common Household Products That Pollute Your Home’s Air

man wearing gas mask depicting indoor air pollution

We all want a home that is clean and tidy at all times, and most of us really make an effort to ensure that we actually do clean our homes regularly. Unfortunately, despite the effort, your home can never be one hundred percent clean. There are ways, however, we can enhance the indoor air quality in our homes. One of the things you need to consider is the household products that you have been using in your house. The fact is that there are some products that we have used for years that are not necessarily safe for us. Below, you will find out more about some products that can actually contribute to the indoor air pollution in your house.

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How To Understand Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is basically the state of the air in and around your house or any other building structure. Good indoor air quality results in a comfortable and safer environment. Generally, if the quality of the air is good, you are healthier and you breathe easier.

The issue of IAQ is especially important when you take into account elderly people, children, and those people whose immune systems are compromised. If for instance, the air inside the house has pollutants or is full of moisture, this can result in health problems like allergic reactions and other respiratory issues. That is why it is important for both commercial and residential buildings to maintain set standards when it comes to indoor air quality.

In order to be able to solve air-quality problems, it is necessary to know more about how pollutants actually get into your house. There is a chance that the household products you are currently using are in fact reducing the quality of the indoor air.


Household Products To Watch Out For

Cleaning Products

cleaning products and indoor air quality

Most commercial cleaning products are made using harmful chemicals. These chemicals can affect both humans and the environment. Many of the products have ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, volatile organic compounds, as well as synthetic perfumes which are known to decrease the quality of the air inside the home. Mixing them with different chemicals can lead to a strong reaction as well.

Solution: You can opt for those cleaning products that do not have any harmful chemicals in them. There are products that have ingredients that are environmentally-friendly. You can even go so far as to make use of natural cleaners like baking soda and vinegar.


Although a freshly painted structure is always something pleasant to see, the smell of fresh paint isn’t. When we breathe in fresh paint, we are inhaling harmful substances which are not good for our health. That is why you will find that you can’t stand to be in a room that has been recently painted. The reason for this is that some paint products have volatile organic compounds that turn to vapor quite easily. Turning into vapor means that they can react with other compounds in the air, resulting in increased air pollution. As long as the paint is not dry yet, it will be releasing these volatile compounds into the air.

Solution: In order to maintain good quality indoor air, make use of paint that contains low volatile organic compounds. If possible, choose a paint that does not even have these compounds.

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Aerosol Sprays

aerosol spraysNowadays and more than ever, there are so many aerosol products on the market; from deodorants and hair treatments to fragrances and shaving creams. You will also find that cooking oil as well can be found in aerosol form. This is because of added chemicals like propellants (propane and butane), artificial flavoring, and a form of silicone that ensures that the oil doesn’t foam.

These sprays are made in such a way that they push liquid droplets through the air. Unfortunately, some of them have ingredients that are harmful and therefore unsafe. More than 30 years ago, it was discovered that they contained various contaminants that are harmful to the environment.

Solution: To prevent the harmful impact of these aerosols, you can limit how often you use them, or just make a decision never to use them again. You can always opt for similar products but in a different form. That way, you can be assured of clean air in your house.

Air Fresheners

air fresheners

An air freshener always seems like the go-to product whenever we want to get rid of bad smells, and they seem to do a good job. However, they also have damaging ingredients as well. There are certain air fresheners that contain over 100 kinds of chemicals and most of them are harmful or toxic. There can also be a chemical reaction when such chemicals react with other substances in the air. When you breathe in even a little bit of the air freshener droplets, you can cough or sneeze. Some can also have skin reactions when the droplets touch their skin; resulting in itchiness or irritation.

If one really thinks about it, it is actually contradictory to refer to it as an air freshener, when in actual fact it can cause poor air quality. This product basically has fragrance, propellants, and a number of additives which actually make indoor air less fresh.

Solution: Rather make use of natural ingredients to get rid of bad odors.

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image of candles burning

Another product that seems rather harmless but which can actually cause harm is a candle. However, not all of them are harmful. The candles which can affect indoor air quality are the ones made using paraffin wax. It is important to note that paraffin is made from shale, petroleum, or coal. As such, when the candle is burnt inside the house, carcinogenic composites are released into the air. There was a study that was carried out which showed that these paraffin wax candles can release compounds that can cause asthma or lung cancer.

Solution: Minimize the use of candles made with paraffin wax. If you have to use candles often, rather opt for ones with ingredients that are natural, like beeswax.

Dry Cleaning

dry cleaning

Dry cleaning involves the use of organic solvents in order to get rid of tough stains and bad odors. As such, it can be a harmful process, in particular, if you already have health ailments that have to do with the lungs, liver, heart, or kidneys. The one ingredient used when dry cleaning, that is more harmful is PERC (perchloroethylene). This is because it is a form of a volatile organic compound. It is even more damaging if you are exposed to it for a longer period of time.

Solution: In the event that you must take your clothes to the dry cleaners, make sure that you air the clothes outside for some time before you bring them inside the house. This will allow some of the bad chemicals to be released. Also, make sure that you take your clothes to a company that is reputable. In case there is an unusually strong smell on the clothes, let them know.


In order to properly manage the air quality in your home, it is important to be aware of products that can affect air quality. If you know products that contain harmful substances, you can simply avoid the. Good quality indoor air is necessary for your overall health and safety, as well as for the environment. Actively taking the steps to maintain good air quality will help to ensure that your home is always comfortable and safe. There are many products which contain natural ingredients which you can find on the market these days.


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