Major Consequences Of Not Changing Your Air Filter

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You must take care of your home HVAC system so that it can efficiently keep your family comfortable, which is a reasonable trade-off. Maintaining your HVAC system is not expensive or time-consuming. Read and follow the prescribed suggestions in the product guide, and you can enjoy your unit for more than ten years. For instance, you should perform a home air filter replacement as prescribed because they prevent foreign particles from contaminating your system. These small yet mighty devices impact the years of service life and efficiency of the HVAC system. Also, they improve your household’s comfort and health. Many common HVAC issues are avoidable once homeowners stay on top of regular air filter replacements.

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Not Changing Your Air Filters Causes Consequences

We go into more detail below about the importance of regularly replacing the HVAC air filters.

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How Do HVAC Air Filters Work?

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Air filters consist of various fibrous materials, including washable fabric, spun fiberglass, and pleated paper, and are stabilized with a cardboard frame. Filters allow airflow through the system while catching larger particles that disrupt system efficiency. They block particles such as mold, bacteria, lint, animal fur, pollen, dust, and spores. Therefore, air filters maintain clean and free-flowing air movement while reducing harmful particles that may contaminate the system. This dual role strains the filters, making them ineffective after a specific time. You must replace your air filters to ensure clean air flows through your home.

Since replacing your HVAC filters depends on several factors, you should check them every month and replace them as needed.

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What Factors Affect How Often A Home Air Filter Replacement Is Needed?

Several factors determine when you should replace the filters in your home HVAC system. Are your family members sensitive to dust and mold? Do you have pets, and what type(s) of animals? Also, consider the environment and how often the household uses the system. Most homeowners who follow the suggested schedule from the manufacturer experience little or no issues. The typical recommendation is to change the filters every one or two months, which is acceptable for a home with one pet.

If your home does not have a pet, you might be able to change the filters every three months. However, if your home has several pets, change your filters every 20 days. Homeowners with houses used for single occupancy or vacation homes that have no pets can keep their air filters installed for six to twelve months. You should check the filters monthly to ensure the occupants breathe clean air, and this will also help you to determine the best schedule that suits your unique needs.

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What Happens if You Do Not Change the Air Filters?

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Homeowners should consistently monitor and change their HVAC system air filters. When impurities stick to the filters, the airflow is interrupted or blocked, which stresses the system and causes breakdowns. Procrastinating on changing the HVAC filters leads to eventual system breakdown.

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Increased Energy Bills

HVAC units require a lot of energy to operate, and most homeowners can manage the costs. However, if the air filters in your system are clogged, the unit has to push harder to regulate the airflow. Unfortunately, the system will consume more energy, which in turn increases the energy costs. Homeowners cannot afford to ignore the air filters because it is more cost-effective to replace the air filter than to pay a high electricity bill. Once you follow the schedule, you can manage the energy expenses and remain within the budget.

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Inadequate Temperature Regulation

Restricted airflow also impedes the temperature-adjusted air from moving through your home, which results in uneven cooling. Therefore, you will find some rooms too cool while others are too hot, and this worsens when the temperature outside is very cold or hot. Your family will be unable to enjoy their rest at night, and during the day, everyone will be unfocused and uncomfortable. Family members will move from room to room to find the ideal temperature. Of course, an unevenly cooled home will cause crowding in the areas with the best temperature while other rooms remain empty.

Inconsistent Indoor Air Quality

Your clogged filter will underperform compared to a new one because of its inability to capture impurities. Unfortunately, you will breathe in these contaminants that enter your home through the HVAC system. Persons with allergies and asthma are sensitive and will feel the difference when the filters are clogged. Other occupants may sneeze, struggle to breathe, and experience headaches, while others experience dizziness. All these symptoms disrupt your family. If prolonged, loved ones may develop respiratory ailments or chronic issues.

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Premature Failure of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC unit can operate for more than ten years with consistent maintenance, which includes regularly changing the air filters. If you do not replace the filters regularly, the HVAC unit will have to overwork to maintain the temperature in the house. Like the human body, heating and cooling systems break down and burn out. They malfunction because of the demands on the system’s components. Unfortunately, breakdowns are sporadic, which causes homeowners to spend thousands replacing the HVAC unit.

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Air Conditioner Coils that are Frozen

The evaporator coils in an air conditioner absorb heat to lessen the temperature indoors. Consistent airflow keeps these coils from freezing. However, clogged filters restrict airflow, and the coils cool too much and eventually freeze. These frozen parts affect your home’s HVAC system performance, and after some time, it breaks down. These repairs are expensive, so homeowners can save by monitoring and replacing the air filters. Preventative measures help to reduce system malfunction.


When was the last time that you replaced your HVAC system air filters? You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Never leave your filters for months without checking them. Act promptly by checking each filter to determine if it needs to be replaced. Also, you can contact your HVAC contractor to conduct a full inspection and maintenance. These steps will assist with keeping your system efficient and save you money on costly repairs or replacements.

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