What To Look For In An Air Conditioner Replacement Company

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When you need a new cooling system, be sure to find an air conditioner replacement that’s worth the investment. After all, a cooling system can cost an arm and a leg. However, homeowners should consider more than just acquiring the best cooling system. It is also essential that you hire the best air conditioner replacement company. Remember that cooling equipment with the highest energy efficiency level can still operate poorly if it isn’t installed properly.

An HVAC system that is correctly installed will last for more than ten years. This article lists all you need to know when looking for the right air conditioner replacement company.

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Tips for Finding A Good Air Conditioner Replacement Company

Here are a few tips to help you find the ideal air conditioner replacement company. They will help you install the system so that it will have a long service life, energy-efficient operation, and proper and sufficient airflow. This way, you receive healthy indoor air quality, comfort, and more.

1. Professional HVAC License

Many homeowners don’t mind spending money as long as they are assured that they are receiving excellent services. One of the best ways to tell that an HVAC technician is an expert in their field is a professional HVAC license. This means that they went through a rigorous screening that the state granted them a license to operate. Ask potential techs for their license numbers or ask them to show you their license to confirm it. Inquire whether they are insured as well. This will help protect you if something doesn’t go as planned.

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2. NATE Certification

The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification is a prestigious program that is highly recognized within the HVAC industry. Therefore, check if the company has NATE-certified technicians. This certification tests an applicant’s mastery of core HVAC subjects, like electrical circuits, safety measures, and more. Additional training is required every two years to ensure that certified technicians maintain their NATE-certified status. This will help in making sure they have up-to-date knowledge on industry topics.


3. HVAC Contractor Reviews

Check online reviews of the HVAC companies in your area. They could be viewed via social media pages or websites. However, it is recommended that you look for feedback on neutral sites. Be cautious when reading overly negative or positive feedback that has no further explanations regarding their ratings. You can also ask your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors for personal reviews on the HVAC installation companies they have worked with.

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4. References

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Call potential HVAC contractors to ask for references. They typically have a list of clients that would be glad to talk to you about the HVAC company’s services. This way, you get an idea about how their technicians work and what to expect when you hire them. Knowing these things is better than getting surprised later on.

5. In-Home Visits

Phone calls are often insufficient in conveying the information that an HVAC technician needs to correctly assess your situation. This is why a free home visit is essential because it allows them to inspect the cooling equipment themselves. This way, they can answer your questions with better certainty and give you a more accurate estimate of the service that they will provide you.

6. Written Air Conditioner Installation Estimates

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The estimate that the HVAC contractor gives you should be written on paper. It should also contain the complete details about the job so that you can study it carefully. This way, you understand fully how they came up with it, so you can make an informed decision. It will also be easier to compare various estimates from different AC technicians. Moreover, having it written on paper will protect you from sudden price changes during your air conditioner upgrade.

7. Scientific Load Calculation

Replacing your old air conditioner doesn’t mean that you should automatically buy the same sized one. Your existing air conditioner might be too big or too small for the space you have. Have a professional HVAC contractor perform a scientific HVAC load calculation that factors in several things that affect the cooling in your home. Be wary of technicians who base the sizing on general rules of thumb. This might not be as accurate, and you might end up not receiving the comfort and AC performance you want.

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8. HVAC Company Name Recognition

The community’s respect is earned by HVAC companies that provide good services consistently to their customers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that you’ll hear their name mentioned often when homeowners are on the lookout for heating or cooling contractors in the area. They also typically are the longest-serving ones in the area. This longevity proves that they have the best reputation, excellent business management, and their clients’ continued trust.


9. Factory-Authorized

HVAC manufacturers have programs that help them determine exceptional contractors in different places. They evaluate them based on their background, training results, insurance status, and satisfaction surveys. Those who pass become authorized to install their systems. Therefore, if you are set to buy a system from a certain brand, look for their preferred AC contractors near you. This could bring you perks, such as extended warranties and satisfaction guarantees.

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10. HVAC Solutions Offered

Jot down the things you want to improve when it comes to your old cooling unit. For example, you might have had an air conditioner that produces loud sounds, broke down often, leaked a lot, or was unable to consistently cool down your home. Give this list to an HVAC technician and listen to their recommended solution. How they will handle these problems will inform you of the contractor’s levels of experience, empathy, and competence.



Going with the HVAC company with the lowest bid might be tempting. However, this can end up costing you more in the long run because of improper installation. Do not hire HVAC technicians who cut corners or amateur handymen. You might end up needing costly repairs this way. Do it correctly from the onset by selecting a professional air conditioner installer equipped with the best reputation and the right credentials.

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