Common Issues Homeowners Find When Turning On Their Air Conditioners

central air conditioning repair servicesWhen the temperature outdoors heats up, you will need to start using your air conditioning. Even though your AC unit was working fine last year, there is no guarantee that it will be running the same when you turn it on this year. If you turn on your air conditioner and you find that it is not running as well as it should be, many common issues could be causing it.

The minute you discover that your air conditioning system is not working correctly, you should contact a professional. More than likely, you need an air conditioning repair. Do a Google search for “central air repair me,” and choose a company that delivers excellent air conditioner repair service at affordable prices. To work with the most reputable HVAC company in all of the southern shores of Connecticut, contact Miller Oil Company.

Miller Oil Company takes pride in providing affordable and reliable HVAC services. All of our techs are highly trained and skilled. They are able to diagnose your AC issues accurately. When the tech has discovered the root of the problem, they will let you know what your best options are. To receive a free estimate, give us a call today.

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Common Air Conditioning Issues

In most cases, the problem with the AC unit is a common one. A few of these common issues include:

User Error

It may sound strange. However, there are many cases where the AC is not functioning correctly because of the user. If you are not using your AC unit according to the user manual, it can cause a malfunction.

The Thermostat

thermostatIf your thermostat is set too high or too low, it will turn on and off frequently. When this happens, the system will need to work harder than it should. Not only will this increase the cost of your energy bills, but it will also cause the system to burn out sooner than it should.
To keep the compressor from working overtime, you should make sure that you have closed all of your doors and windows and that the air conditioner vents are all open. If you catch these issues early, there should be no permanent damage to your unit. If the problems are allowed to persist, you could end up needing to replace the unit.

Improper Maintenance

If you don’t have your air conditioning system maintained regularly, you could experience issues. It is imperative that you change your filters frequently. If you don’t, dirt and debris will accumulate. When the AC gets dirty, it can cause issues with the condenser.

A clogged condensate drain can also cause problems. When it is clogged, you will have to clean it. Only a licensed HVAC tech should handle a task like this. The sooner the system is cleaned out, the better.
It is also crucial that the system is checked out each year by a professional. If there are coil issues, shorts, or leaks, the HVAC tech will catch them before they can cause permanent damage to the system.

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Service And Installation Errors

HVAC techs are not perfect, and mistakes do happen. Errors can occur during an air conditioner installation or when the AC system receives service. These types of errors can cause a malfunction.

Wrong AC Size For The Home

air conditioner condenserNot all AC units work well in all homes. Before installing an AC unit, the house should be measured to calculate the correct AC size for it. When it comes to selecting the proper AC size, only a professional should handle it. There are plenty of factors to keep in mind that only a trained expert can assess. If you try to select the right size AC and you choose the wrong size, it could result in many issues. An AC unit that is too small will need to work too hard, and it will burn out sooner than it should. If the AC is too large, it can use additional energy that will cause your energy bills to increase and your home will feel uncomfortable.

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If the AC unit is not functioning correctly and the issues are ignored, it can result in long-term problems. For example, if there is a refrigerant leak, it requires an AC repair to keep the home cool. If you ignore the problem, hoping that it will go away, it could result in a complete breakdown. Whenever an air conditioner needs the attention of a professional, be sure to call right away. A total malfunction is much more expensive than having a minor issue repaired.

Also, if you are having issues with your air conditioning system, you should only to hire a certified technician to work on it. Doing so will ensure that the problem is repaired and that it won’t get any worse. Before you hire any HVAC company, you want to make sure that you are working with a reputable company.

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