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Fujitsu Ductless Product Guide Download

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North-central Connecticut homeowners get ultimate flexibility when it comes to comfort because of innovations in ductless heat pump and cooling technology.

Additionally, ductless systems achieve effortless comfort, even when outside temperatures drop as low at -15 degrees. Fujitsu’s efficiency levels guarantee that you’ll save you money on your utility expenditures.

Fujitsu ductless systems are perfect for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Sunrooms, atriums & solariums that need to be heated or cooled
  • Large rooms that experience hot or cold spots
  • Rooms that become uncomfortably hot in the summer
  • Rooms that are uncomfortably cold in the winter
  • Home additions that need heating and/or cooling
  • Attics or basements that are converted into living space
  • Rooms with a lot of windows that cause drafts
  • Historic homes where installing new ductwork would damage the historical value of the building
  • High utility bills

Regardless of which of these you fall under, ductless mini-split systems are the perfect choice to giving you the power to control the climate of your home. Thanks again for visiting. We look forward to assisting with your home comfort needs!

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