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Outside picture of an oil boiler replacement job in Enfield CTThe Papa family started noticing that their home was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in the winters. They especially noticed that their family room was cold, where they spent most of their time. Also, they started running out of hot water during normal showers. They wanted a solution so they called Miller Oil Company for an assessment of the heating system and hot water heater.

Customer Problem: The Papas did not feel warm in their home throughout the winter season. One room would feel hot, and another would feel cold. Also, their energy bills had significantly increased without any logical explanation. Additionally, their showers were abruptly cut short since their system could not provide enough hot water to meet their family showering demands.

Our Solution: Miller Oil Company replaced their old Weil-McLain 466 oil boiler with a new Viessmann VR1-27 cast iron oil boiler and an IBC BTI-40 indirect water heater.

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old Weil McLain boiler

Picture of the Pappa’s old Weil-Mclain oil boiler that needed replacing.

When we inspected their mechanical systems, we observed that their Weil-McLain 466 oil system boiler was leaking. It was old and outdated, and it was not repairable. He recommended a boiler replacement for their Enfield CT home.

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Viessmann Vitorond 100 In Enfield CT

We installed a Viessmann oil boiler in the Papa’s home. Miller Oil Company highly recommends these systems due to their superior energy efficiency and performance. This particular boiler lasts a long time, and so the Papas can feel the peace of mind that they can count on their new oil boiler for many years to come.

Viessmann new installation enfield ct

Picture of the new Viessmann oil boiler that Miller Oil Company installed.

Some of the benefits that they will experience with their new investment include:

  • Highly energy-efficient with an AFUE rating of up to 87%
  • Comes with a triple-pass cast iron heat exchanger for optimum performance and durability
  • Has a stainless steel combustion chamber insert that enables clean and efficient
  • Comes with a Beckett or Riello burner for quiet operation
  • Can control boiler water temperature with Vitotronic control
  • Flue gasses pass through the heat exchanger three times. This allows for the greatest amount of heat extraction, increasing efficiency and fuel use. It also reduces emissions and reduces your heating costs.
  • Viessmann provides a 20-year warranty for all residential cast iron hydronic heating boilers

This boiler provides the comfort that the Papa family needs to get through the frigid CT winters. Due to its efficiency, they will pay less on their home heating costs. Therefore, this boiler will pay for itself. The Papas are exceptionally happy that they installed this boiler in their home.

IBC BTI-40 Indirect Hot Water Heater In Enfield CT

Because the Papa family did not want to go through a similar situation of running out of hot water, we installed an IBC BTI-40 indirect water heater in their home. This water heater’s design ensures a long lifespan and reliable performance. Some of the features that come with it include:

  • High performance
  • Made of stainless steel which is pickled and passivated. This feature prevents corrosion and a long lifespan.
  • Has an Aquastat and 10KΩ temperature sensor
  • Stainless steel coil
  • This model comes in 7 different sizes: from 30-119 MAX
  • Lightweight
  • Has 2 inches of insulation for a low level of standby heat loss
  • Easy access to the coil and inner tank for better service
  • 10-year warranty

This water heater is one of the best in the industry. It is known for its reliable performance. By upgrading their water heater, the Papa family will have the ability to enjoy long, hot showers.

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Signs That You Need An Enfield Boiler Replacement

On average a boiler should last you about 15 years with proper maintenance. Of course, there are always factors that can shorten the life of your boiler. Poor maintenance schedules, extreme conditions, and faulty parts can all be causes of boiler failure.

It can be tough to notice when your boiler is failing. Below are nine tell-tale signs that you need to replace or repair your equipment.

  • Obsolete Parts: If something breaks on your boiler and it is challenging or impossible to get parts to fix it, chances are it’s time to replace it with a more recent model. As with most appliances, manufacturers eventually stop supporting them with parts for repair. This situation can put homeowners in a bind when something goes wrong. Also, it can make repairs more expensive than they need to be.
  • More Frequent Repairs: There isn’t a set schedule for how often a boiler needs a repair. It all depends on how well you take care of the equipment is. However, if you find yourself calling a repair person more than a couple of times a year, it may be time for an upgrade.
  • Uneven Heating Throughout The Home: A tell-tale sign that your boiler may be failing is when the temperature from room to room in your home is inconsistent. Some areas may be extremely hot while others are cool or even cold. This imbalance is a sign that the controls on your boiler might be malfunctioning.
  • Rising Fuel Costs: When HVAC equipment is not running as efficiently as possible, the first indication of this can be a hefty utility bill. Boilers that don’t run efficiently or that are working harder than they have to will consume much more energy than average.
  • You Find A Leak: A leaking boiler is a sign that it is nearing the end of its useful lifespan. Often leaks are found when seals become broken. A leak is a notoriously complicated malfunction to repair on a boiler. Also, it can cause other damages to your home.
  • Your Boiler Is 15+ Years Old: Sometimes the age of your boiler is reason enough to upgrade to a newer model. Your boiler may appear to be working fine however with age comes more chances for things to go wrong. Also, as systems age, they run less efficiently, costing you more on your home heating costs. It’s best to get ahead of issues before they become significant problems. If your boiler is 15 years old or older, it is wise to begin thinking about how you will replace it.

By getting ahead of issues with your boiler you can avoid being in a position where you don’t have heat during the winter. You can also avoid wasting money on expensive routine repairs by upgrading before this happens. Click here to contact us or call today: (860) 745- 0326

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